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The Disciples of Christ 









of the 





Claude E. Spencer 

Disciples of Christ Historical Society- 
Canton,, Missouri 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 



J, Edward Moseley 
W, H. Hanna 
A. T. DeGroot 
Claude E. Spencer 



Secretary- treasurer 



Term Expiring 1943 

Term Expiring 1944 

Warner Muir 
Merl R. Eppse 
Walter C. G-ibbs 
Richard L. James 
George N. Mayhew 
Stephen J. England 
James DeForest Murch 

W. H. Hanna 

A. T. DeGroot 

Edgar C. Riley 

W. E, Garrison 

Eva Jean Wrather 

Claude E, Spencer 

J, Edward Moseley 

Term Expiring 1945 

C. C. Ware 

Colby D. Hall 

Henry K. Shaw 

Enos E. Dowling 

Reuben Butchart 

Mrs. W. D. Barnhart 

Dwight E. Stevenson 

- li- 


Periodicals of the Disciples of Christ and 
related reli gious groups, made possible through 
the cooperation of Culver- Stockton college 
with the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, 
is the first attempt at a comprehensive list 
of the periodicals of the Disciples of Christ, 
the Christian church, and the churches of 
Christ. In this work I have attempted to list 
the title of every periodical designed for 
more than individual church circulation. Al- 
though over eleven hundred titles are listed, 
I know that there must be many others as yet 
unknown to me. 

Exactly what to include and what to omit created 
a problem. Periodicals published outside of 
the United States and Canada have been left 
for a later list. College publications and 
Sunday school materials are listed, perhaps 
not very completely. Interdenominational 
publications with Disciole editors are not 
listed unless started under Disciple auspices. 
Papers published exclusively in the interests 
of individual churches are not included; 'such 
a list would have thousands of titles. Non- 
religious papers edited by Disciples, unless 
of an inspirational or educational nature, are 
not listed. 

The arrangement is alphabetical with the main 
entry under the last title by which the per- 
iodical was known, with references from earlier 
titles. Under the main entry will be found 
the following information if known: the place 
of places of publication,the inclusive volume 


numbers, the inclusive dates of publication, 
the names of the editor or editors (in many 
cases first and last editors only are given 
with the word "others*), previous titles with 
inclusive dates, and other notes tending to 
identify the periodical. Christian church and 
churches of Christ periodicals are so indicated 
after the titles. Only churches of Christ 
periodicals founded later than 1906 are so 
listed. For easier identification, periodicals 
with like names have the name of the state in 
parentheses following the title. This notation 
does not mean that the paper was a "state" 

Information concerning each title has been se- 
cured through actual examination of the per- 
iodical, through a careful search of the news 
notes in hundreds of volumes of periodicals, 
and through lists and statements made by 
others working in this field. Documentation 
of each title has been made and filed in the 
archives of the Disciples of Christ Historical 

And what is the purpose of this publication? 
It is to be used as a check list In the prep- 
aration of a union catalog of our periodicals. 
Later I hope that such a catalog will be pub- 
lished showing the location of the titles 
listed here and of those which have been 
omitted, through oversight or ignorance, from 
this list. Too, the list may well be used as 
a searching guide for collectors of our per- 
iodicals. It may also be of some value as a 
guide-post In the cataloging of those period- 
icals. Through cooperative checking of the 


list, much new information will be secured con- 
cerning these and other titles. 

Finally, I am indebted to many persons for 
help in the compiling of this list. Acknowl- 
edgment must be made to Charles C. Ware, cur- 
ator of the archives of the Historical Com- 
mission of the North Carolina Christian 
Missionary Convention; to Edgar Riley, presi- 
dent of Kentucky Female Orphan School ; and to 
Don Carlos Janes of Louisville, Ky., for ex- 
ceedingly valuable aid. The Standard publish- 
ing Company, the Christian Board of Publi- 
cation and the Gospel Advocate Company have 
allowed generous use of the files of their 

Claude E. Spencer, Curator 
Disciples of Christ Historical Society 

November 2, 1943 


+ currently published 

J/ publication stopped 

? uncertain 

n d no date 

n p no place 

n s new series 

no number 

v volume 

v p various places 

Ja January 






















-VI — 

Abilene Christian college see Abilene 
Christian college bulletin; Christian 
education; Optimist 

Abilene Christian colle ge bulletin (Abilene 
Christian college) ("churches of Christ) 
Abilene, Tex. v. 1, 1914?+ 

Accelerator (churches of Christ) 

St. Petersburg, Fla. circa 1925 

ed, W. H. Cameron 


Add-Ran college see Student 

Adult Bible class monthly 

St. Louis, Mo. v~TT , 1908- / 
ed. W. W. Dowling and Marion Stevenson 

Adult gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1893?+ 

Advance (Hiram college) 

Hi7am, 0. v 1, 1890+ 

Advanced quarterly 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1888?- / 
ed. E, A. Elam; others 

Adviser (Canada) 

Rockwood, Canada v 1- , I860?- / 
ed. James Black 

Advocate for the testimony of God; as it is 
written in the books of nature and 

Philadelphia, Pa. ; Richmond; Amelia, Va. 
v 1-5, My 1834-Ap 1839/ 
ed. John Thomas 


My 1834-Ap 1836 as Apostolic advocate 

My 1836-«Ap 1837 as Apostolic advocate and 

prophetic interpreter 

Advocate leaf quarterly 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Advocate lesson leaf see Lesson leaf 

Advocate teachers quarterly 
Nashville, Tenn. 

African messenger (churches of Christ) 

Louisville, Ky. v 1- , -D 193 7// 
ed. D. C. Janes 

Agape, a journal of Christian information 
(Butler university) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, S 1941+ 

Alabama Christian 

Birmingham, Ala.; etc. v 1, 1903+ 
ed. A. R. Moore; C. A. Weesner; others 

Alarm (projected, 1841, but never published?) 
Springfield, Mo. 
ed. S. M« M'Corkle 

Alberta Christian (Canada) 

Alberta; Edmonton; etc. v 1, 192 7?+ 
ed. C. W. Simpson; J. M. Hill; Thomas 
Rash; others 

All Canada Christian see Canadian disciple 

Alma industrial college see Plow and hammer 

Alumni bulletin (Lynchburg college) 

Lynchburg, Va. v 1-5 no 2?, 1932-1937?/ 


Alumni news ^■ynchrurg college) 

Lynchburg, Va... v 1 3 25 193 7+ 

American an ti- m?. son ic and Biblical review 
New Bern, N. C". t 1- , 1868- ^ 
ed. J, T e Walsh 

American Christian 

South Omaha, Neb. v 1- ,1892- // 
ed. Marion Boles 

American Christian (Christian church) 
ed. J. J. Summerbell 

American Christian gazateer 

St. Louis, Mo7 v 1- , 1877?- // 
ed, A. G. Lucas 

American Christian messenger (Christian church) 
Albany, NTT v~~2"7~1849-1850^ / 
ed. Jasper Hazen 

merged with Christian herald to become 
Christian herald and messenger (Herald 
of gospel liberty) 

American Christian missionary society see 
American home missionary; Our home field 

American Christian preacher see Christian 
preacher (North Carolina) 

American Christian preacher and Disciples 
miscellany see Christian preacher 
(North Carolina) 

American Christian quarterly review 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-2, 1862-1863?/ 

ed. Benjamin Franklin 

was this a part of American Christian review? 


American Christian review 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; etc. v 1, Ja 1856+ 
ed. Benjamin Franklin; Daniel Sommer; others 
1887- as Octographic review 
-1939 as Apostolic review 

American home missionary (American Christian 
missionary society) 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1-24, 1895-1918/ 
ed. 3. L. Smith; F. W. Burnham; others 
superseded by World call 

American housewife 

Indianapolis, Ind. circa 1867-1871 
ed. Mrs. M. M. 3. Goodwin 
merged with Christian monitor? 

American independent monthly and Bible thinker 
New Bern; Kinston, N. C. v 1- , 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

American independent quarterly and radical 
New Bern, N. C. v 1- , -1873?/ 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

American weekly; a journal devoted to religion, 
literature and social progress 
Chicago, 111. v 1-4, My. 25 1901-Ap 9. 

My-D 1901 as Christian century 
superseded by Christendom 

Angel of mercy, love, peace and truth (Mars 
Hill academy) 
Florence, Ala. v 1 no 1-6, 1875/ 
ed. T. 3. Larimore 

Apostles' 'doctrine 

Moorhead, Minn. v 1, Ap 1943+ 

ed. Fred Blakely 



Apostolic advocate (Mississippi) (projected, 
1870, but never published?) 
ed. E. D. Davenport and J. D. Siddon 

Apostolic advocate see Advocate for the test- 
imony of God 

Apostolic appeal 

Portland, Ore. v 1-5, S 1907- Ag 1912/ 
ed, C, F. Swander 

Apostolic church 

May fie Id, Ky. v 1- , 18 79-1884?/ 

ed. W, L. Butler 

merged with Old path guide 

Apostolic guide see Christian weekly 

Apostolic light 

Coffeyville, Miss. v 1- ,. -1901/ 

ed. E. C. Fuqua 

merged with Bible student (Tennessee) 

Apostolic missions (churches of Christ) 

circa 1926 

Apostolic review see American Christian 

Apostolic times see Christian weekly 

Apostolic times; devoted to the propagation 
of primitive Christianity (churches 
of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. v 1, Jl 1931+ 
ed. J. A. Allen 

Apostolic way (churches of Christ) 

circa 1915 
ed. Clarence Teurman 


Apostolic weekly 

Appalachian mountain messenger 

Elizabethton, Tenru v~l- , N 193 7- // 
ed. J. W. West 

Arbutus (Johnson Bible college) 

Kimberlin Heights, Tenn. v 1- , 1911- 

Arkansas Christian 

Bentonville; Little Rock, Ark. 

v 1-15, 1915-1930/ 

ed. J. S. Zeran; J. H. Fuller 

Arkansas Christian 

Little Rock, Ark. circa 1889 
ed. T. J. Shelton 

Arkansas Christian college see Christian 
college courier 

Arkansas- Louisiana Christian 

Little Rock, Ark. 71, My 1939+ 
ed. P. D. Kennedy 

Army and navy messenger 

ed. W. B. We lions 

Association for the promotion of Christian 
unity see Christian unitv news 

Atlantic Christian college see Bulletin of 
Atlantic Christian college; CollegiateT 

Atlantic missionary see Missionary weekly 

Babbler (David Lipscomb college) 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1920?- // 


Baby T s mother, for mothers of babies every- 
" where 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1, Ja 1911+ 

Bacon college see Pierian 

Banner of Christ 

New Bern, N. C. v 1- , -D 1869/ 

ed. J. T. Walsh 

numbering a continuation from other 


merged with Christian standard D 1869 

Banner of the faith see Peace maker 


Albuquerque, N. M. v 1- , 1906- / 
ed. E. E. Crawford and Kaplan 


Springfield, 111. v 1 no 1-12, Ja-D 


ed. Alexander Graham 

Berean helper 

Temple, Te x . 

ed. T. J. Easterwood 

Berean journal 

Vandalia, 111. v 1- , -1897/ 

ed. T. M. Johnson 

merged with Christian oracle, later 

Christian century 

Bethany banner (Bethany college) 

Bethany, W. Va. v 1- , 1899- / 
ed. H. S. Green 


Bethany Bible student, for young people and 
St. Louis, Mo. v l r 1885?+ 
1885-3rd quarter 1924 as Bible student 

Bethany Bible teacher 

St. Louis, Mo« v 1, 1915+ 

ed. Marion Stevenson; Glenn McRaej others 

1915- 3rd quarter 1924 as Teaohers quarterly 

Bethany , C. E. bulletin 
Cleveland, 0. 

Bethany church school guide 

St. Louis, Mc~ v 1, 192 6+ 
ed. H. C. Munro; Glenn McRae 

Bethany college see Bethany banner; Bethany 
college bulletin; Bethany college' maca- 
zine ; Bethany?- collegian ; Bethany guardian; 

Bethany college bulletin (Bethany college) 
Bethany, W. Va7 v 1, 1907?+ 

Bethany college magazine (Bethany college) 
Bethany, W, Va. v 1- , 1866- / 

Bethany collegian (Bethany college) 

Bethany, W. Va # v 1- , 1883-1938? -* 

Bethany guardian (Bethany college) 

Bethany, W. Va. v 1- , 1869- // 

Bethany Heights star see Nebraska Christian 

Bethany hone quarterly see Hearthstone 

Bethany intermediate - senior quarterly 
St7 Louis, Mo. v 1, 18857+ 

Bethany intermediate - senior teacher 
St7 Louis, Mo, v 1, 1924?+ 

Bethany junior class 

St7 Louis, W 9 v 1, 1925?+ 

Bethany junior teacher 

St7 Louis, Mo^ v 1, 1925?+ 

Bethany pocket quarterly 

St. Louis, Mo. v 1, 1916+ 
ed. Marion Stevenson; others 
1916-3rd quarter 1924 as Vest pocket 

Bethany primary class 

St. Louis, Mo^ v 1, 192 7?+ 

Bethany primary teacher 

St7 Louis, 'Mo" m v 1. 192 7?+ 

Bethany service leaflet 

StT Louis, Mo"; v 1, 1873? + 

Bethlehem star (Christian church) 

BethelTW. v 1- , 1824- // 

ed. E. B. Rollins 

Better worker (churches of Christ) 

circa 1912 

Bible advocate (Illinois) 

Jacksonville; Carrollton, 111. 

circa 1859-62 

ed. E. L. Craig and I. B. Boyle 


Bible advocate (Tennessee) 

Paris, Tenn. ; St. Louis, Mo. v 1- 

Ag 1842-1850 // 

ed # J. R. Howard 

Ag-D 1844; Ja-F 1848 not issued 

Ja-D 1847 as Christian messenger and 

Bible advocate 

merged with Ecclesiastical reformer 

Bible banner (churches of Christ) 

Oklahoma city, Okla, v 1, Jl 1938+ 
ed # F. E. Wallace, jr. 

Bible beacon (churches of Christ) 

Bible class quarterly and teachers guide 
. (Christian church] 

v 1- „ 18 78- // 

Bible class visitor 

Wabash, TncU v 1- , 1865-1867/ 

ed. W. S. Winfield 

Bible college of Missouri see Bible college 
of Missouri bulletin 

Bible college of Missouri bulletin (Bible 
college of Missouri) 
Columbia, Mo. v 1, 1912+ 

Bible expositor 

Santa Rosa, Calif. v 1- , Ja 18 71- 
18 75?/ 

ed. Alexander Johnston, G. R. Hand, and 
J. M. Monroe 

Bible expositor , the magazine that defends 
the Bible" 
St. Louis, Mich. v 1- , 1931?- // 
ed. J. U. Tyndall 


Bible friend 

Robbinsdale; Minneapolis, Minn, 
ed. C, D. Osterhus 

Bible helper (projected, 1888, but never 
published? ) 

Bible herald (projected, 1884, but never 
Spring Garden, Mo. 
ed. F. A. Wagner 

Bible index (Canada) 

"Toronto, Canada v 1- , 1874?- 
n s v 1- , 18 77- 
ed. Hugh McDiarmid 

Bible indicator (Canada) 

Meadford, Ontario circa 1869 
ed. J. C. Lister 

Bible lessons 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Bible lessons for advanced classes 
Lexington, Ky. 
ed. J. W. McGarvey 

Bible school 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 18 75- // 

ed. Isaac Errett and F. M. Green; 

F. M. Green and P. H. Duncan 

formed by merger of Teacher's mentor and 

Word and the wOJflc 

18 75-1884 as Teacher T s mentor 

' Bible school advocate (churches of Christ) 

Odessa," Mo~ v I- , My 1908-1909 / 

ed. 0„ W. Gardner and others 

merged with Primitive Christianity and 

Christian helper to become Christian 



Bible school mont hly see Wisconsin Christian 

Bible school times (churches of Christ) 

circa 1906 

Bible school visitor 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Bible school worker 
Cincinnati, 0. 
superseded by Bible school worker's almanac 

Bible school workers' almanac 

Cincinnati, 0. Sr 1- , 1926?- / 
supersedes Superintendents almanac and 
Bible school worker 

Bible student see Bethany Bible student 

B ible stu dent (Maryland) 
Hagerstown, Md. 
ed. D. K. Winder 

Bible 8tudent (Tennessee) 

Franklin, Tenn. v 1-4 no 1, Ja 5 

1899-0 1902/ 

ed. C. E. W. Doris 

merged with Gospel advocate 

Bible student (churches of Christ) (Canada) 
West Gore, N. S. 

Bible students' eclectic monthly (projected, 
1382, but never published?) 
Kin s ton, N, C. 
ed. J. T. Walsh 


Bible study gpide for juniors 
~" St. Louis', Ma. v 1, 1942+ 

Bible study helper 
Nashville, Term. 
ed. A. B. Lipscomb 

Bible vennan 

Ossian, I& % circa 1908 
ed. C, S. Osterhus 

Biblical educator, a monthly magazine devoted 
to Bible evidences and criticisms 
(churches of Christ) 
Wenatchee, Wash. v 1- , 1909- / 
ed. S. 0. Pool 

Biblical monthly and prophetic examiner 

New~Bern, N. C , ▼ 1- 7 -1868? // 

ed. J. T. Walsh 

numbering a continuation from another 


Jl 1 1867 v xi resumed publication after 

being suspended 

Biblical research magazine (churches of Christ) 
Los Angeles, Calif. + 

ed. D. L. Cooper 

Biblical view 

Russellville, Ark, circa 1880 
ed. J. T. Garland 

Bison (Harding college) (churches of Christ) 
Searcy, Ark. v 1, 192 7+ 

Blue and white (Johnson Bible college) 

Kimberlin Heights, Tenn. v 1, 192 7?+ 


Bluestone messenger 

Huntington, W. Va # • . circa 1901-03 
ed. J. F. Stone 

Board of church extension see Business in 

Board of higher education see Values 

Boles orphan home magazine (churches of Christ) 
Quinlan, Tex. v 1, N 1924+ 
ed. Mrs. J. B. Nelson; A. C. Colley; others 
N 1924-D 1926 as Christian messenger 

Booster's bulletin see Missionary messenger 
(churches of Christ) 

Botanical studies (Butler university) 
Indianapolis, Ind. no 1, 1929+ 

Boy life 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 1862?+ 

Boys comrade 

St. Louis, Mo. v 1-35, Ja 4 1903-D 1937// 

Ja 4 1903-D 30 1916 as Round table 
irregular numbering Ja 7- Mr 4 1917 
merged with Girl T s circle to become 

Boys friend 

Danville, 111. v 1- , 1897- // 

ed. A. W. Conner 

Briney T s monthly, devoted to the restoration of 
primitive Christianity in its faith, 
ordinances and life 


Paris; Moberly, Mo.; Louisville, Ky. 
v 1-3?, Ja 1 1900- D 1902?; 
n s v 1-3, Ap 1906- Mr 1908/ 
ed. J. B. Briney 

Brite college of the Bible caller (Texas 
Christian university) 
Fort Worth, Tex. v 1, My 1940+ 

Broadcast (Randolph college) 
^churches of Christ) 
Cisco, Tex. v 1- , 1925- // 

Brotherhood and service news (Committee on 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1942+ 

Brotherhood of the Diciples of Christ see 
Christian men 


circa 1330 
ed. Jacob Creath, jr. 

Buds of hope 

"Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , Ja 4 1885- 


supersedes Little pearls and Little child 
Buffalo assembly monthly 

Buffalo, N. Y. circa 1895 
ed. L. C. McPherson 

Bulletin George Pepperdine college (George 

Pepperdine college) (churches of Christ) 
Los Angeles, Calif. v 1, 1937+ 

Bulletin Kentucky female orphan school 
("Kentucky female orphan school) 
Midway, Ky. v 1, 1925?+ 


Bulletin of Atlantic Christian college 
' (Atlantic Christian college) 
Wilson, IT. C. v 1, 1914?+ 

Bulletin of Hiram, college (Hiram college) 
Hiram,"!). v 1, 1908?+ 

Bulletin of Ly nchburg college (Lynchburg 
Lynchburg, Va # v 1, 1925?+ 

Bulletin of Phillips un iversit y (Phillips 
Enid, Okla. v 1, 1906?+ 

Bulletin the Disciples rural fellowship 
Halls, Term. v~T, 1941+ 


Burnetts budget 
Dallas, Tex. 
ed. T. R. Burnett 
merged with Firm foundation 

Business in Christianity (Board of church 
Kansas City, Mo. - v 1- ,0 1893-1918/ 
ed. G. W. Muckley; J. H„ Booth 

Butler alumnus (Butler university) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1910?+ 

• -1937? as Butler alumnus quarterly 

Butler collegian (Butler university) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1886+ 

Butler university see Agape; Botanical studies; 
Butler alumnus; Butler collegian; Butler 
university bulletin; Butler university news 
bulletin; Manuscripts; Shane quarterly; 
University review 


Butler university "bulletin (Butler university 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1912?+ 

Butler university news bulletin (Butler 
Indianapolis, Ind. circa 1935 

California Christian 

Colusa, Calif. v 1- , 18 75- // 
ed. G. 0. Burnett, J. M. Monroe, and 
J. L'L Martin 

California Christian college see 'Chapman 

California Christian college alumnus see 
Chapman college alumnus 

California Christian college bulletin see 
Chapman college bulletin 

Campbel l institute bullet in see Scroll 

Canadian Christian luminary (christian church) 
Oshawa, Canada v 1-5, 1845-1849/ 
ed. William Noble 
merged with Christian palladium 

Canadian disciple (Canada) 

Toronto; Owen Sound, Canada v 1, 1921?+ 

ed. Ruben But chart; H. B. Kilgour; M. V. 
Royce; G. M, Lediard 
1921-1922? as All Canada Christian ? 

Canadian evangelist ^Canada) 

Toronto, Canada v 1- , 1892?- 1896// 
ed. George Munro 

Canadian helper (Canada) 

Beansville, Ontario circa 1909 
ed. S. M. Jones 


Capitol area Chr istian 

Washington, l5T~c7~ v 1- , 1933-1934?/ 
ed. C. N„ Williamson 

Carolina Christian monthly 
Kinston. N. C. 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

numbering a continuation from another 
Ja 18 60, v 8 no 1 first no under this title 

Carolina evangel 

Washington; YiTilson, N. C»; etc. 

v 1- , Mr 7 1907-1915?/ 

ed. W. G. Walker j H. C. Bawen; Pendell Bush 

- as Evangel 
merged with Watchtower 

Central Christian (Indiana) 

circa 1885-1894 
ed. Z. T, Sweeney; J. H. 0. Smith; others 

Central Christian college see Central 
Christian collegian 

Central Christian collegian (Central Christian 
Albany, Mo. circa 1898-1901 
ed. A. G. Alderman 

as Gospel call? 

Central Christian register 

Richmond; Piatt sburg; Kansas City; St. 

Louis, Mo. v 1-15, no 17, 138 7-N 28 1901/ 

ed. J. C. Creel; G. A. Hoffman 

1887-1898 as Church register 

Ag 1898-Je 1900 as Register-review 

merged with Christian- evangelist 


Challttn-s illustrated monthly 

"Philadelphia, Pa, v 1- , 18517-1859?/ 
ed. James Challen 

as Challen' s monthly? 
was this formerly Ladies Christian annual? 

Chapman challenger (Chapman college) 

Los Angeles,~Calif. v 1- , 1938- ft 

Chapman college see Chapman challenger; 

Chapman college alumnus ; Chapman college 
bulletin; Chapman college review; Chapman 
collegian; Panther-collegian 

Chapman college alumnus (Chapman college) 

LosTngeles, Calif, v 1- ,1923?- // 
19237- Je 1934 as California Christian 
college alumnus 

Chapman college bulletin (Chapman college) 
Los Angeles; Whittier, Calif. 

- as California Christian college 

Chapman college review (Chapman college) 
Los Angeles; Whittier, Calif, 
v 1, N 1940 

Chapman collegian (Chapman college) 

Los Angeles, Calif. v 1- , 1925- / 

1925-1934? as California Christian 


merged with Chapman Panther to become 

Panther- collegian 

Chapman panther see Panther-collegian 


Chart instructor (churches of Christ) 
Mo? circa 1908 
ed, Luther Campbell? 

Chesapeake Christian 

Richmond^ Va. v 1, 1916?+ 

ed. E. B. Motley; G. H. Steed; J. A. Tate 

Children's gems (churches of Christ) 

~~ Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1922?- // 

Children's friend 

Louisville; Lexington, Ky. , etc. 

v 1- , 1867- / 

ed. T, P. Haley; others 

Children : s own paper (projected, 1863, but 
never published?) 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
ed. Elijah Goodwin 


Chicago, 111. v 1 no 1-20, Ap. 13- 

Ag 29 "1903// 

supersedes American weekly 

merged with World today, later Hearst's 

international combined with cosmopolitan 


Chicago, 111, v 1, autumn 1935+ 

ed. C. C. Morrison; others 

v 1 contained 5 nos and continued 

through 1936 

supersedes Christian union quarterly 

Christian (Georgia) 

East Point, Ga. v 1- , 1926?-1929?/ 
ed. S. A. Strawn 


Christian (Illinois) 

Edrrardsville, 111. V 1- , 1847?- // 

ed. Alfred Padon 

Christian (Kentucky) 

Georgetown, Ky. v 1- , Ja 1837- // 
ed. J. T. Johnson and Walter Scott 
merged rath Christian preacher 

Christian (Kentucky) 

MadTsonville, Ky. v 1- , 1900?- // 
ed. J. F. Hill and J. M, Gordon 

Christian ( His sour i) 

Kansas City, Ho. v 1- ,0 ir«.70-Ja 1872/ 
ed. Alexander Procter and others 
merged with Gospel echo to become Gospel 
echo and Christian, later Christian- 

Christian (Missouri) see Christian-evangelist 

Christian (Texas) 

ed. C. M. Wilmeth 

merged with Iron preacher to become 
Christian preacher (Texas) 

Christian (Canada) 

Prince Edward Island 
ad # Donald Crawford 

Christian (Canada) 

StT"Johns, N. B. v 1* , Je If 3 9- 1848/ 

ed. W. W. Eaton 
suspended 1841-? 


Christ ian (Canada) 

SiT. Johns, N. B.; Milton, N. S. . v 1- 


ed, T. H. Capp; W. H. Harding; others 

Christian (Christian church) 

Boston, Mass. v 1-. , 183 7-1838/ 
ed. J. V. Himes 

merged with Christian journal (Herald 
of gospel liberty) 

Christian (Christian church) 

Philadelphia, Pa. v 1-3?, 1847-1849?// 
ed. C. H. riummer and J. R. Freise 

Christian; a journal of progressive religion 
Kansas City, Mo. v 1-10, N 20 1924- 
My 19 1934/ 
ed. B. A. Jenkins 

N 20 1924- My 192 6 as Linwood Christian 
merged with Community churchman to become 
Christian community 

v 12 no 1 Ja 1942 revived for only one 

Christian, devoted to the interests of the 
Christian church in Central Missouri 
Sedalia, Mo. v 1- , 1889?- // 
ed. F. L. Cook 

Christian action 

Cincinnati, 0.; Butler, Ind. v 1, 

D 1935+ 

ed. J. D. Murch; W. E. Wi swell 

Christian advocate 

Franklin college, Tenn. circa 1859 

• 22- 

Christian age. 

Hygiea; Cincinnati, 0. j Pittsburgh, Pa. 

v 1- , 1845-185 7/ 

ed. T. J. Mellish; D. S. Burnett; B. F. Hall; 

Benjamin Franklin; W. W. Eaton; C. L. Loos 

1855- as Christian age and sower 

merged with American Christian review 

Christian age (Christian church) 

Ind. v 1- , 1876?- / 
ed. D. W. Jones 

Christian age and sower see Christian age 

Christian age monthly 

HygTea7"0^ v X- , -185l// 
ed. D. S. Burnett 

Christian almanac 

Indianapolis, Ind, v 1- , 1867- // 
ed. L. H. Bowling 

Christian ark (Christian church) 
Franklinton, N. C. 

Christian at work (Ohio) 

FostorTa, 0, v 1- , 1900- // 
ed. R. W. Stancill 

Christian at work (Tennessee) 

Almo; Bells depot, Tenn. v 1- , 

1881?- / 

ed. J. R. Farrow and W. A. Cook; H. C. Booth 

Christian banner (Indiana) (projected, 1888, 
but never published?) 
Waterloo, Ind. 


Christian "banner (Kentucky) 
Lexington, Ky. 
ed. B, F. Hall and Aylett Raines 

Christian "banner (Kentucky) 

Paducah^ Ky. v 1, 1854// 
ed. J. R, Howard 

Christian banner (Michigan) 

Owosso, Mich, v 1, 1902?+ 
ed. J. F. Green; S. V. Matt son 

Christian banner (Texas) (projected, 1860, 
but never published?) 
Farmer sville, Tex. 
ed. 3. F. Hall 

Christian banner (Canada) 

Coburg, Canada West v 1- , 1846?- // 
ed. W. lh Eaton and David Oliphant 

Christian banner (christian church) 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1- , -1861// 
ed. Browing and Buff 
merged with Gospel herald 

Christian baptist 

Buffalo Creek; Bethany Va. v 1-7, 
Ag 3 1823- Je 5 1830/ 
ed. Alexander Campbell 

Christian baptist (North Carolina) 

Kinston, N. C. v 1- , Ja 1859- // 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

Christian Bible lessons 

Oskaloosa, la.; Chicago, 111.; St. Louis, Mo, 

V 1- , 18 75- // 

ed. S. P. Lucy; B. W. Johnson 


Christian blade 

Lamar, Mo. v 1- , -My 11, 1899/ 
ed. W e W. Blalock 

merged with Register-review, later Central 
Christian register 

Christian builder 

Jackson, Miss. v 1- , Ap 1933- // 
ed. F. K. Dunn 

Christian call of Kansas Bible college 
"(Kansas Bible college) 
Lawrence, Kans. v 1. 1922?+ 

Christian casket 

"CormersvilTe, Ind. v 1, 1833/ 

ed. John O'Kane 

Christian century see American weekly 

Christian century; an undenominational journal 
of religion 
Des Moines, la.; Chicago, 111. v 1, 

ed. D„ R. Lucas; F* M. Kirkham; C. C. 
Morrison; others 
1884-1399 as Christian oracle 
1900- My 16 190T~as Christian century 
My 30 1901- D 26 1901 as Christian century 
of the Disciples of Christ 
My 23 1901 never published? 

Christian chronicle (churches of Christ) 

Dana's, Tex. v 1, Je 2 1943+ 

ed. 0. L„ Hicks 
Christian church news (California) 

Healdsburg, Calif. v 1- , 1913?-1917?/ 

ed. E. B. Ware 


Christian church news (California) see 
Truth ^California) 

Christian citizen (Illinois) 

Oiney,~"lXl, ; etc. v 1- ,1861- / 
ed„ A. D. Taylor 

Christian citizen (Texas) 

circa 1904 
ed. R. H. H. Burnet 

Christian college courier (Arkansas Christian 
college) (churches of Christ) 
Morrilton, Ark, circa 1924 

Christian college microphone (Christian 



„ \ 

Columbia, Mo. v 1, 192 7?+ 

Christian companion 

Cincinnati, 0. ; Indianapolis, Ind. ; 

Kansas City, Mo. ; etc. v 1- , 


ed. Mrs, M. M. B. Goodwin; J. H. Smart 

1863- as Christian monitor 

-Je 1869 as Ladies Christian monitor 
Je 1869-D 1884 as Christian monitor 

Christian companion see Christian weekly 

Christian companion (churches of Christ) 
Odessa, Mo. ; Wichita, Kans. ; etc. 
v 1-24, 1892-Z917?// 
ed. H. E. Moore 

1892- Ag 1904 as Primitive Christian 
S 1904-D 1909 as Primitive Christianity 

Christian counselor (Negro) (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. v 1, Je 1939+ 
ed. Marshall Keeble 


Christian courier 

Dallas; Fort Worth, Tex. v 1, 1838+ 
ed. W. K. Homanj 71. W. Pharesj M. W. 
Williams; L. N. D. Wells, Colby Hall, and 
L, D. Anderson 

Christian courier (churches of Christ) 

Christian crusader (churches of Christ) 
Silver City; Albuquerque, N. M. 
v 1, N 1941+ 
ed„ W. W Layton 

Christian discinle 

Cassviile, Mo. v 1 no 1-3, Ag 1892- 
Mr 1893/ 

ed. E. A. Frost 

Christian disciole (projected, 1845, but 
neve r p ub lis he d? ) 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 
ed. K. T, Anderson 

Christian echo (llegro) (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. ; Ft. Smith, Ark. ; etc. 
v 1, N 20 1904+ 
ed, G-. P„ Bowser 
irregularly issued 1904-1906 

Christian education (Abilene Christian college) 
(churches of Christ) 
Abilene, Tex. circa 1902 
ed. Batsell Baxter 

Christian education anong the Disciples of Christ 
(projected. 139 7, but never published?) 
Cincinnati, 0. 
wis this published as Educational bulletin? 

■2 7- 

Christian educator (Christian university) 

Canton, Mo. v 1-5 no 2?, -N 1903?/ 
ed» C. J. Burton; others 

- v 2 no 8, 1901, as Daily Bible 

Christian endeavor guide see Christian youth 

Christian evangelist see Evangelist 

Christian- evangelist convention daily (published 

during Internation conventions) 
v p v 1, ?+ 
issued in 1917 without numbering 
issued v 4, 192 8 to present time without 

issued no 1-4 at North American Christian 
convention 9-12, 1940 

Christian-evangelist, national weekly of Disciples 
of Christ ~ 
Carrolltor; Macomb; Quincy, 111,; St. Louis, 
Mo. v 1, Ja 1363+ 

ed e E. L, Craig; J. H, Garrison; B. W. 
Johnson; B. A. Abbott; R, n v Miller; others 
1863-1372 as Gospel echo 

Mr 18 72- Mr 1 87s T""-o qTe "l echo and Christian 
Ap 18 75-3 1882 as cJ.rTs"lian 
5 1382 merged with evangelist to become 
Christian- evangelist 

Christian evidence 

St LoTiTsfTfo. circa 1375 
ed % J. H. Hurwood and H. T. Buff 

Christian evidences 

circa 1830 
ed. Aylett Raines 


Ihristian examiner (Kentucky) 

Lexington; Louisville, Ky. v 1-2, 

N 1829-0 3 1831/ 

ed. Jacob Creath, jr. ; J. G. Uorwood 

Christian examiner (Virginia) 

Richmond, 7a. v 1-12, 13 68-13 79/ 
ed. J. G, Parrish; W. H. Hopson; J. Z. 
Tyler; others 
merged with Christian standard 

Christian excellent strata 

Colorado Springs. Colo. 
ed, 5 . E .. Homa n 

- as Rocky mountain rebuilder 

Christian extensor (Christian university) 
Canton, - Mo„ v 1 no 1, Je 1396/ 

Christian family library see Christian 
jour na 1 (X entucky) 

Christian family magazine, devoted to religion, 
literature, science and general 

Cincinnati, 0, v 1- , F 1 1345- // 

ed. D. S. Burnet 

did this become Christian age? 

Christian fireside (churches of Christ) 

circa 1926 

Christian foundation (Washington) 
Seattle, Wash. v I, 1923?+ 
ed. R, E. Dew; W. G. Moseley; W. F. Turner 

Christian foundation; or scientific and 

roir.g"..- • i-3 journal devoted to the in- 
terests of civilization, literature and 

Kokomo, Ind. v 1-5, 1880-1884/ 

ed. Aaron Walker ,09, 

Christian freeman 

Jacksonville, 111. v 1 , 1860- // 
ed. W. 3. Russell 

Christian friend see Christian friend and 
Bible unionist 

Christian friend and Bible unionist 

V/ilson; Hookerton, N. C. ; etc. v 1- , 

Je 1853- // 

ed. J. T. Walsh 

Je 18 53- My 1854 as Christian friend 

Christian gleaner (Minnesota) 

Litchfield, Minn. v 1- , 1887-1901?/ 
ed. L. A. Pier; Enos Campbell 

Christian gleaner (Canada) 

Halifax, N. S. v 1- , 1833-1838?/ 
ed. Lewis Johnston 

Christian gun le see Christian weekly 

Christian helper (iowa) 

Sioux" City, la. circa 1896-1897 

Christian helper (Kansas) 

Harper, Kans. v 1- , 1900-1901// 

ed, A. G. Lucas 

merged with Central Christian register 

Christian helper (Montana) 

Missoula, Mont. circa 1896-1897 

Christian helper (churches of Christ) 

MaFshalltown, la. v 1- , Jl 3 1903-1909// 
ed. C. F. Witty 

merged with Primitive Christian and Bible '" 
school advocate to become "Ohr:Tstian 'companion 


Jhristian herald (Iowa) 

Des Moines, la. circa 1894-1395 
ed. Allen Hickey 

Christian herald (l-Tebraska) 

Craaha, Feb. v 1- ,13 91- // 
ed. T. E. Cramblet 

Christian herald (Oregon) 

Fort land; Monmouth, Ore, v 1- , 

13 72 9 - 1883? // 

ed, T. F. Campbell; J. F. Floyd; D. T. 


Merged vrith Christian independent? 

was one series merged with Christian 

standard 1385? 

Christian herald (Christian church) 
~ la s s : etc v 1— 

! d-;T p V; T'* 1 '"H ( 



ed. D. B. Pike 

Christian herald (Christian church) see 
Herald of gospel liberty 

Christian hey aid . a monthly periodical devoted 
to the advocacy of orimitive Christian* 
it-- theological and practical 
Waopala; Eureka, Ill v 1- , Je 1864- 

ed, Dudley Doyns ; J. W. Karr 
merged with Gospel echo 

Christian herald and journal see Herald of 
gospel liber by 

Christian herald and messenger (christian 

church) see Herald of gospel liberty 


Christian home magazine (projected, 1383, hut 
never published?) 
Dallas, Tex. 
ed. Lucy Rutherford and Amanda Bustick 

Christian iconoclast 

Bunker" Hill, 111. circa 1901 
ed, Henrichs 

Christian illuminator (Mississippi) 

Sherman; Water Valley, Miss. v 1- , 


ed. F. M. McCarthy 

Christian independent 

circa 18B8 
ed. Mrs, C. H. Alexander 

Christian independent (California) see 
Truth~ "~(Californi a ) 

Christian index (iowa) see Christian union 

Christian index (Ohio) 

Colamer, 0. circa 1855 
ed. Julius Stephens 

Christian intelligencer 

Charlottesville, Va.; etc. v 1-19, 


ed. J. W. Goss; R. L. Coleman; others 

Ja 1840- as Christian publisher 

as Union Christian 

Christian investigator 

Eastport, Me. circa 1355 

ed. William Hunter 

merged with Primitive Christian to become 

Primitive Christian and investigator 


Christian journal (Kentucky) 

Harrodsburg, Ky. v 1- 1842- // 
ed. A. Crihfield; E. F. Ferguson; Samuel 
Ayres and Aylett Haines; Carroll Kendrick 
1842- as Christian family library 

Christian journal (Kentucky) 

MaysVille, Ky. v 1- , F 18 76- / 
ed. J, E. Briney and 7V. J. Loo« 

Christian journal (Oregon) see KfOrld evangel 

Christian journal (Christian church) see 
Herald of gospel liberty 

Christian journal and union see Union and 

Christian leader 

Cincinnati, 0. ; etc. v 1, 1886+ 
ed. J. F. Rowe; F. L. Rowe? G. H. P. 
Showalter; and others 

Ja 5 1904- Ap 2 9 1913 as Christian leader 
and the way 

Christian leadership (projected, 1920, but 
never published) 
Columbia, Mo. 
ed. J. 3. Weldon 

Christian ledger (churches of Christ) 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-2, Ja 7 1941- Mr 31 


Ja 7-F 4 1941 as New Christian leader 

Christian light 

New Orleans, La. circa 1345 
ed. G. W. H. Smith 


Christian loyalist 

Tfhitesville, Hiss.; etc. v 1- , 1842- 


ed. W. E. Matthews 

was this known also as Loyalist? 

Christian luminary (Christian church) (Canada) 
Oshawa, Canada v 1- , 1845- // 

Christian luminary, a monthly periodical devoted 
to the temporal advancement and eternal 
welfare of the whole human family 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1862-1363// 
ed. John Boggs 

supersedes Christian luminary, a semi- 
monthly, etc. 
merged into Christian monitor 

Christian luminary; a semi-monthly devoted to 

primitive Christianity, universal liberty 
temoerance and education 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , Jl 1 1858- // 

ed. John Boggs 

supersedes North-westorn Christian magazine 

superseded by Christian luminary, a monthly 

Christian magazine 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1-6, Ja 1848-D 1853/ 

ed. J. E. Ferguson 

supersedes Christian review (Tennessee) 

Christian magazine (Christian church) (Canada) 
Eddv stone, Ontario v 1- , 1865?- // 
ed. Thomas Garbutt 

Christian magazine (christian church) see 
Christian vanguard" 

Christian men (Brotherhood of the Disciples of 


Kansas City, Mo. v 1-8, Ja 1909- 

ed. P. C. MacFarlane; E. E. Elliot 

Christian messenger 

Georgetown, Ivy. ; Jacksonville, 111. 

v 1-14, N 25,' 1826-Ap 1845/ 

ed. B. W. Stone; D. P. Henderson 

suspended 1837-1839 

merged with Bible advocate to become 

Christian messenger and Bible advocate 

Christian messenger (California) 

San Francisco; Berkeley, Calif. v 1, 


ed. F, lie Rogers; G-. W, Brewster; M # J. 

Smith; G„ L. Rose 

Christian messenger (Colorado) 

Denver~fo~lo7~ v 1- , Ja 1894- 1920? // 
ed. J. C, Frisbee; C. W. Dean 

Christian messenger (Georgia) 

Atlanta^" Ga^ v 1- ,1907?- // 
ed. 3. P. Smith; J. H. T 7ood; C. C. Jones; 
A. R. Moore 
1907?- as Georgia Christian messenger 

Christian messenger (Georgia) 

ATTantTaT"CaI v 1. 1925?+ 

ed. J. A. Taylor; Bruce ITay 

Christian messenger (Illinois) see Gospel 
messenger (Illinois) 

Christian messenger (Kansas) 

Lawrence, Kans. v 1, 1865- // 
ed. H. H. Johnson 


Christian messenger (Oregon) 

' ' Mo"nmouthJ~0re7 circa 18 71-18 77 

ed. D. T. Stanley- 
Christian messenger (Pennsylvania) 

Benton; Orangeville, Pa. v 1- , 

1871?- // 

ed. E. E. Orvis and David Oliphant 

as Christian messenger and 
living laborer 

Christian messenger (Texas) (projected, 1861, 
hut never oublished? ) 
Austin, Tex. 
ed. Carroll Kendrick 

Christian messenger (Texas) 

BonhamTl)allas", Tex. v 1- , 1875-189-?// 
ed. Charles Carleton; T. R. Burnett 

Christian messenger (Canada) 

Owen Sound, Ontario; etc. v 1- , 

189 7-1921?/ 

ed. C. T. Paul; Edwin Wylie; J. P. McLeod; 


Christian messenger (Christian church) 

™ New Bedford, Hass s v 1- , F 1900- 

Ja 1907/ 

ed. C. J„ Jones; others 

merged with Herald of gospel libertjA 

Christian messenger (Christian church) see 
Christian messenger and palladium 


Chri stian mess enger (churches of Christ) see 
Boles orphan home magazine 

Christian messenger and Bible advocate see 
Bible advocate 


Christian messenger and living laborer see 
Christian messenger (Pennsylvania) 

Christian messenger and palladium (Christian 
Albany; New York, N.Y. v 1-13, 1849- 

1849-1850 as American Christian messenger 
1850-13 51 as Christian herald and 

1851-1861 as Christian messenger 
merged with Herald of gospel liberty 

Christian mirror 

Midway, KyT v 1 no 1-12, Ja 1848- Ja 


ed. L. L. Pinkerton 

F 1843 not issued 

Christian mirror (Canada) 

circa 1852 

Christian missionary 

C 1 e velandT'oT" 1 " v 1- ,18 78- // 

ed. Robert Moffett; F. M. Green 

Christian missionary (projected, 18 71, but 
never published) 
Chicago, ill. 
ed. 0. A. Burgess and others 

Christian missionary (Christian church) 
Daryton7~0T ~ 1-34, 1894-1928/ 

ed. J. G-. Bishop 
merged with Herald of gospel l iberty 

Christian missionary magazine (Missouri) see 
Missouri Christian message 


Christian monitor 

Little Rock, Ark. v 1- , 18 9l/ 

ec. 3. McDaniels 

Christian monitor (Ohio) 

Warren, 0. circa 1910 

Christian monitor see Christian companion 

Christian monitor (Christian church) 
Frank lint on, N. C, 

Christian monitor (churches of Christ) 

iliyfield, Ky. v 1- ,1914- // 

ed. T. 3. Thompson 

Christian monthly (Alabama) 

Mountain home, Ala. v 1-2, Ja 15 

13 70-D 18 71/ 

ed. J. M„ Pickens 

superseded by Southern Christian weekly 

Christian monthly (Virginia) 

. — ± , // 

Richmond, Va. v 1- , 1900- // 

ed. J. C. Anderson; J. J. Haley,- H. C. 

Combs; C. P. YJilliamson 

Christian monthly review (churches of Christ) 

circa 1923 

Christian news (Indiana) 

Columbus, Ind. circa 1932 

ed. James Small 

dated but unnumbered 

Christian news (iowa) 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , Ja 1 1913?- 

Jl 29 1920/ 

ed. J. T. Nichols; Charles Blanchard; 

C» D» Titus 
■ merged with Christian standard 

Christian news (iowa) 

Des Moines, la. v 1, 1921?+ 
ed. W. M. Baker; J. A. Dillinger 

Christian news (Minnesota) 

Minneapolis, Minn. v 1- , 1396? 

Ap-My 1898/ 

ed. M. W, Greenwood 

merged with Christian oracle, later 

Christian century 

Christian news (Nebraska) 

Bethany, Neb. v 1- , 1894-1906?/ 
ea, Ho A c Lemon; C. T7. Henry; William 

supersedes Nebraska Christian 
superseded by Christian reporter 

Christian news (churches of Christ) 

circa 1932 

Christian news, devoted to the fellowship of 
New Testament Christians 
Belle Vernon, Pa. v 1, 1934?+ 
ed. E. C. Lewis 

Christian normal institute see Christian 
normal institute bulletin; Mountain 

Christian normal institute bulletin 
Grays on^'My. ~"T ~1919? + 

Christian offering (Christian church) (Canada) 
OshaWft, Canada v 1- , 1853-1359/ 
ea„ J. R. Hoag; Mrs. P. A. Henri; 
merged with Christian palladium 


Christian oracle see Christian century, an 
undenominational journal of religion 

Christian palladium (Christian church) 
Union Mills; New Ycrk, M. Y. j etc. 
v 1-29, 1832-1861// 
ed. Joseph Badger 

Gospel palladium was proposed name 
merged with Christian me ssenge r to "become 
Christian messenger and palladium 

Christian panopolist 

Versailles, Ky. v 1 no 1-12, Ja-D 1837// 
ed. B, F s Hall and William hunter 
supersedes Gospel advocate 
merged with Christian preacher 

Christian philanthropist (Texas) (projected, 
1/370, hut never issued) 
Bryan, Tex. 
ed. Carroll Kettdrick 

Christian philanthropist, devoted to the care 
of the widow, the orphan, the aged and 
the sick (National benevolent associa- 
tion of the Christian church) 

St. Louis, Mo. v 5, My 1894- 

N 1918/ 

ed. F, M. McCallj Mrs. J. K. Hansbrough; 

J. H. Mohorter 

My 1994-1895 as Orphans cry 

superseded by World call 

Christian pilot (churches of Christ) 
Ark.? circa 1902-1916 
ed. E. M. Borden 

Christian pioneer; a weekly journal devoted 
to primitive Christianity 
Lindley; Trenton; Chillicothe, Mo. 


v 1-10, Je 1861- N 8. 13 70/ 
merged with Christian (Missouri) 

Christian plea, official organ of the Negro 
DTsciples of Christ 
Port Gibson; Edwards, Miss.; Nashville, 
Term.; etc. v 1, 1889? + 
ed. K. R. Brown; J. 3. Lehman; M. R. 
Enpse; others 

1339?-1924? as Gospel plea 
numbering very irregular 

Christian preacher 

Cincinnati, 0.; Georgetown, Ky. 

v 1-5, Ja 1336-1340/ 

ed. D. 3. Burnet; J. T. Johnson 

Christian preacher (Missouri) 

Seymour, Mo. circa 1395-1905 

Christian oreacher (North Carolina) 
Kinston, n7~C. 
ed. J. T. ITalsh 

numbering a continuation from another 

-D 1356 as American Christian 
known also as American Christian preach- 

er and Disciples miscellany? 

Christian preacher (Texas) 

Dallas, Tex. v 1- , -1384/ 

ed. C. M. Wilmeth 

merged with Student, 1384 

Christian preacher (Texas) 

Sunset, Tex. circa 1397 
ed. a. W. Young and J. T. Hinds 


Christian preacher (Christian church) (pro- 
jected, 1844, but never published?) 
Exeter, N. H, 

ed. 3. F. Carter 

Christian press 

Sidney, la. v 1- , 1896?- // 
ed. C. E. Hill 

Christian publisher 

Charlottesville, Va. v 1-2, N 1, 1336- 

1 1833// 

ed. R. L. Coleman and J. W. Goss 

Christian publisher 

Richmond, Va, v 1, 1839// 
ed. J. Henshall 

Christian publisher see ..Christian Intelligencer 

Christian pulpit (projected, 1875, but never 
Du Quoin, 111. 
ed. 1. J. She It on 

Christian pulpit; a monthly magazine advocating 
Bible doctrine (Christian church) 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1-5, 1869-13 73?// 
ed. Nicholas Summerbell 

Christian quarterly (Missouri) 

Columbia, Mo. no 1-12, Ja 189 7-0 1899// 

ed. W, T. Moore 

supersedes New Christian quarterly 

Christian quarterly (Ohio) 

CTncirmat:, o'. v 1-8, Ja 1369-0 1376/ 

ed. Tf. T, Moore 

superseded by New Christian quarterly 


Christian - quarterly (projected, 1860, but 
never published) 
St. Joseph, Mo, 
ed. Hoses E. Lard 

Christian quarterly review 

Columbia, Mo. v 1-8, Ja 1882-1889// 

ed. E. W. Herndon 

Christian reaper (projected, 1354, but never 

Canton, Mo, 

ed. D, P. Henderson and Daniel Bates 

Christian record 

Bloomington; Indianapolis; Bedford, Ind. 
v 1-7, Jl 1343-1849; series 2, v 1-7, 
1850-1856; series 3, 1357-F 1866/ 
ed. J. M Mathes; Elijah Goodwin 
merged with Christian standard 

Christian record, n s see Christian record 
and Sunday school worker 

Christian record c sixth series;, 

Bedford, Ind, v 1-3, 1332-1334// 

ed. J. On, Mat he s 

merged with Old path guide 

Christian record (Indian territory) 

Chickasha, I. T. circa 1896-1898 

Christian record and Sunday school worker; 
devoted to primitive Christianity 
Bedford^ Ind., -n : -a v T>7 y ' Jii-1867- 
D 1873; fifth series v 1-2 no 11, Ja 
18 74-N 18 75/ 
ed. J. M„ Lfe. t he s 

Ja 1367-1374 as Christian record n s 
merged with Evangelist Tji s) to become 
Record and evangelist 


Christian reformer (Tennessee) 

Paris, Term., v 1 no 1-12, Ja-D 3.836/ 
ed. J. R. Howard 

Christian reformer (Negro) 

Norfolk, Va. v 1- , 192 7?- // 
ed. C. L. Whitfield 
superseded by Disciple herald 

Christian reporter (Nebraska) 

Bethany, Neb. v 1- , 1909-1935?// 
ed. J. D. Austin; J. G. Alber; others 
supersedes Christian news (Nebraska) 
superseded by Nebraska Christian 

Christian reporter (Oregon) 

Eugene; Independence, Ore. circa 


ed. J. B. Lister 

Christian repository (projected, 1882, but 
never oublished?) 
Maysville, Ky. 
ed. J. B. Briney 

Christian review (Indiana) 

Jeffersonville, Ind. circa 1830 
ed. Nathaniel Field and Beverly James 

Christian review (Missouri) 

Kansas City, Mo. v 1- , -1898// 
ed. G. B. Lotspeich and G. W. Webb 
merged with Church register to become 
Register-review, later Central Christian 

Christian review (Tennessee) 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1844-1847/ 
ed. W. H. Wharton; J. C. Anderson; 
Tolbert Fanning 
superseded by Christian magazine 


Christian reviewer (Christian church) 
0. circa 1875. 

ed. Matthew Gardner 

Christian ruralist 

DeT'Moines, la, v 1- , 1912- 1914/ 
ecL, J. A. Dillinger 

Christian sentinel (North Carolina) 

Washington, N. C. circa 1887 

ed. G. W. Jackson, jr. and A. G. Warren 

Christian sentinel; devoted to original 

Christianity and general education 
Springfield; Peoria, 111.; etc. v 1- , 
S 1853- // 
ed. W. A. Mallory; 0. A. Burgess; others 

Christian soldier (Negro) 

" Lexington, Ky. v 1- , 1888- / 

Christian soldier (churches of Christ) 

Edcouch, Tex.; Paso Robles, Calif. 
v 1, Mr a 1939+ 
ed. I. Y. Rice 

Christian standard 

Cincinnati, 0.; etc. v 1, Ap 7 1366+ 
ed. Isaac Errett; E. R. Errett ; others 

Christian star (Negro) (Kentucky) 
Louisville, Ky. circa 1888 
ed. M. F. Robinson and Annie Marshall 

Christian star (Negro) (Texas) 
Dallas, Tex. ' circa 1832 
ed. H. S. Howell 

Christian sun (Christian church) 
P-? r.TnTr,.ond, Va. v 1, 1344+ 


ed. D. W. Kerr; W. E. Wellonsj J. 0. 
Atkinson; others 

Christian Sunday school journal 

Lexington, Ky. oirca 1851 
ed. Jethro Jackson 

Christian Sunday school teacher 

Oskaloosa, la. ; Chicago, 111. ; St. Louis, 

M©« v 1- , 13 76- / 

ed. S. P. Lucy; B. W. Johnson; W. YI. 


Christian teacher (Arkansas) 

Little Rock, Ark. v 1- ,0 1352- 


ed. Peter Ainslie II 

Christian teacher (California) 

Sacrarnento7~Calif. v 1- , 1353-1866?/ 
ed. W. W. Stevenson; J. N. Pendegast 
1858-1365 as Western evangelist 
superseded by Pacific gospel herald 

Christian teacher (Kentucky) 

Lexington; Paris, Ky. v 1-6, Ja 1343- 

Je 1847/ 

ed. Aylett Raines 

Christian telescope 

Watkinsville, Ga. v 1- , 1381- // 
ed. J. M. R-.tcliffe 

Christian telescope 

ed. A. C. Smith 

Christian theology (Christian church) 

NewB ury p o r t , Ma s s , v i no 1-12, 1855/ 
ed. D. P. Pike 


Chris tian tract series 

CMc~aio~7Tll. v 1- , F 10 1899- / 

Ch ristian tribune ; published weekly in the 
interest of primitive Christianity 
on the Atlantic coast 

Baltimore, Md. ; etc. v 1-6, My 1894- 

My 3, 1900/ 

ed. Peter Ainslie III 

merged with Christian century 

Christian tribune (churches of Christ) 
Detroit, Mich. v 1- , Mr 1930- 
J.e 1941/ 
ed. C. B. Clifton 
1930-S 1939 as Visitor 

Christian union (Georgia) 

"Augusta, Ga. v 1, Ja-D 1856// 
ed. J, S. Lamar 

Christian union (Iowa) 

Des~~Moines, la. ? 1-15, 1895-1910/ 
ed. J. L. Brokawj J, T. Nichols 
1895-1902 as Christian index 
supersedes Iowa Christian? 
merged with Christian standard 

Christian union (Ma^rland) see Christian 
union and religious review 

Christian union (projected 1869, but never 
Rutherfordton, N. C. 

Christian union (Christian church) 

Ripley, 0. v 1-no 1-12, My 1841- 

Ap 1842/ 

ed. Matthew Gardner 

merged with Gospel herald (Christian 



christian union advocate 

San Francis oo, Calif. v 1- , 


ed. H, J, Loken 

Christian union and journal 

Cincinnati, 0. j etc. v 1-2 no 


ed. Arthur Crihfield 

Christian union and religious review 
Baltimore, Md. ; New London, Pa. 
v 1-6, 1851-1856// 
ed, E. E. Orvis 

- as Christian union? 
merged with American Christian review 

Chri stian union library see Christian union 

Christian union quarterly; interdenominational 
and international 
St, Louis, Ho.; Baltimore, Md. ; Chicago, 
111. v 1-24, Jl 1911-Ap 1935/ 
ed. Peter Ainslie III 

Jl 1911-Apl913 as Christian union library 
superseded by Christendom 

Christian union weekly 

Louisville, Ky. v 1-* , -1861/ 

Christian unitist 

Crystal Springs, Miss. v 1- , 1870- 

ed. S. R* Jones 

Christian unity news (Association for the 
promotion of Christian unity) 
Baltimore, Md. V 1- , N 1924?- / 
ed. Tr. C. Armstrong 

Christian unity quarterly 

Louisville, Ky # ~~v 1, Ap 1943+ 
ed. J. D. Murch and C. F. Witty 
Ap 1943 as Unity quarterly 

Christian university see Culver- Stockton 

Christian university bulletin see Culver- 
Stockton college "bulletin 

Christian university record (Christian uni- 
Canton, Mo. v 1-9, 18 76- My 1888?// 
suspended 1883-1885? 

Christian vanguard (christian church) (Canada) 
New Market, Canada v 1- , Ja 1890- 


1890- as Christian magazine 

Christian view ■ 

Portland",' Ore. v 1- , 1894?- 1898?/ 
ed. Denton 

Christian visitor (Arkansas) 

Fort Smith, Ark. circa 1905-1906 

Christian visitor (Arkansas) 

Paris; St. Joe; Harrison, Ark. v 1, 

D 15 193,6+ 

ed. J. A. Mason 

Christian visitor (Illinois) 

Quincy, 111. circa 1897-1898 

Christian visitor (Mississippi) 

Sherman, Miss. circa 1896-1903 


Christian visitor (North Carolina) 

Smithfield, N« C. v 1- , Je 1876- 


ed. J. J. Harper 

suspended 1878-1885 

Christian visitor (Ohio) 

Portage co. ; % v 1- , 1866- // 

ed. John Diehl 

Christian visitor (Texas) 
Sherman, Tex. 
ed, J # W. Holsapple 

Christian visitor ; a monthly devoted to 
Christian and mission work 
Washington, D. C.; Hagerstown, Md. ; etc. 
v 1- , Ja 1891- ; c n s a v 1- , 
1896- ' // 

Christian visitor (Christian church) 
Newport News, Va. circa 1890 

Christian visitor (churches of Christ) 

circa 1924 

Christian watchman 

Morristown, Tean. v -1- , 18 79?- 1881/ 

ed. A. S. Johnson 

Christian weekly 

Lexington; Louisville, Ky. ; Cincinnati, 
0. v 1-40, Ap 15 1869- Ja 19 1907/ 
ed. K. E. Lard; M. C. Kurfees; J. B. 
Briney; others 

Ap 15 1869-1885 as Apostolic times 
My 8 1835-1393? as Apostolic guide 

: 1894-1902 as Christia n guide 
Ja 9 1903- Jl 8 1905? as Christian companion 
merged with Christian standard? 


Christian witness (Christian ehurch?) 
Newmarket, 11, H. circa 1383 
ed. 3. C. Kimball 

Christian woman (churches of Christ) 
Wichita, Kans. v 1, 1933+ 
ed. W. M. Moore 

Christian womens board of missions see 
Missionary tidings 

Christian word and work see Word and work 

Christian work 

ParTs7~AFk v 1- , 1896?- / 
ed. J. 3. Shidley; L. C. Wilson 

Christian worker (Iowa) 

Des Moines, la. v 1, 188 7+ 

ed. H. 0. Breeden; W. A. Shullert-^-rger ; 
S. W. Brown; others 

Christian worker (Kentucky) 

Louisville, Ky. circa 18 79-1382 
ed. B, 3. Tyler; R. B. Jfeal 
merged with Old Path guide 

Christian worker (Missouri") 

Springfield, Mo. v 1- ,1906- // 
ed, D. W e Moore 

Christian worker (Montana) 

Bozeman, Mont. v 1 , 1912?-1931?/ 

ed„ A. L. Chapman; A. J. Aikens ; R. J. 

Christian worker ( North Carolina) 

KirTston, T. C. v 1- , 1893-1899/ 
ed. D H. Petre 


Christian worker (Pennsylvania) 

Loci: Haven, Pa. v 1- , 1892- // 
ed, C. S. Long 

Christian worker (Pennsylvania) 

Pittsburgh? Pa. v 1- , 189?-1908?/ 

ed. T. E. Cramblet and W. J. Lhamon; 
W, R. Warren 

Christian worker (Canada) 

Owen Sound, Ontario v 1- , 1882- // 
ed. E. B„ Shannon 

Christian worker (churches of Christ) 
WTchiba, Kans. v 1, F 1915+ 
ed. H. E a Moore; P. E. Moore 

Christian world 

Philadelphia, Pa, circa 1842 

Christian youth fellowship 

St. Louis7 Mo~ TT, 1924+ 

1924- as Christian endea vor guida 

Christian 1 s magazine, reviewer and religious 
intelligencer (Christian church) 
Portsmouth, tf. H. v 1- , My 1805- 
Ja IS 08// 
ed, Ellas Smith 

Church and school see Worl d evangel 

Church board; a quarterly magazine for local 
church officers 
Des Moines, la. v 1-2 no 2, Ja 1935- 
Ap 1936// 
ed. J. A. Dillinger 

Church bulletin; in the interests of ti:e 

"TTnur'iEes of Christ in Carroll county 

Carrollton, Mo. v 1- , 1902- // 
ed. R, F. Lozier and E. H. Kellar 

Church efficiency magazine 

Trinidad, Colo"^ circa 1914-1915 
ed. Randolph Cook 

Church friend 

Advance, Ind. v 1- , Mr 1926- // 
ed* Ora I.lcDaniel 

Church helper (Iowa) 

Elliot, la. v 1- , 1895- // 
ed. H. TJ. Dale 

Churoh helper (Kentucky) 

Olive Hill, Ky 4 v 1- , 1902- // 
ed. R. B. Neal 

Church helper (Nebraska) 

Lincoln, Neb, v 1- , 1891- // 
ed, C. 3 4 Newman 

Church herald 

Philadelphia, Pa. v 1- , 1900?- / 
ed. B. A.* Abbott; H. %, Talmage; others 

Churoh messenger (churches of Chirst) 
Boonville, Ark. circa 1941 
ed. P. S. Knight 

Church news 

Mulhall, 0. T. circa 1904 

Churoh register see Central Christian 

Church reporter 

"uincy, 111, v 1- , 1867-1869/ 
ed. E„ P. Belshe} Joseph Lowe 


The church up to par 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1 no 1-26, Ja 4- 
Je 28 1925/ 

Cincinnati Bible seminary see Cincinnati 

Bible seminary bulletin; Purple and gold 

Cincinnati Bible seminary bulletin 
Cincinnati, 0. 


St. Louis, Mo.. circa 1902 

Clay county Christian 

West Point, Miss". v 1, S 1942+ 
ed, H. E. Cunningham 

Clifton Forge evangelist 

Clifton Forge, Va. circa 1894-1903 

College bulletin (Eureka college) see 
Eureka college bulletin 

College missionary 

Hiram, 0. v 1- ,1879- // 

ed. B. A. Hinsdale and Alanson Wilcox 

College of the Bible see College of the 
Bible bulletin; College of the~Bible 
quarterly; Seer 

College of the Bible bulletin (College of 
the" Bible) 
Lexington, Ky. v 1, 193 7+ 
v 1-3 no 2, S 1940 as 75th anniversary 

celebration news bulletin 

College of the Bible quarterly (College of 
the" ST51e}n* 
Lexington, Ky. v 1, 1910?+ 
1925/26 and 1938 numbered v 15 
suspended 192 6-1J37 


College star, a semi-monthly devoted to the 
"interest of Hiram college (Hiram 

Hiram, 0. v 1- , 188 7- Ag 1890// 

Collegiate (Atlantic Christian college) 

Wilson, N. C. v 1, 1926?+ 

Colorado Christian herald 

Denver, Colo. circa 1903-1908 
ed. L. G. Thompson; others 

Committee on war services Disciples of Christ 
see Brotherhood and service news 

Conifer (Spokane university) 

Spokane, Wash. v 1- , 18 1916- 


supersedes Exponent 

Conquest; a journal of character building 

Chicago, 111. v 1- , Ag 1913- D 1916/ 
ed. T. C. Clark 

Contender (churches of Christ) 

circa 1925 
ed. A. B. Barrett 

Cook's Hew York City missionary evangelistic 

New York, N. Y. v 1, 1942?+ 
ed. Mrs. E. R. Cook 

Co-operative messenger (churches of Christ) 

circa 1924 
ed. F. M. Little 

Cotner college see Cotner college bulletin; 
Cotner collegian; Cotner courier 


Cotner college "bulletin (Cotner college) 
Bethany, Neb. v 1- ,1901- // 

Cotner collegian (Cotner college), 
Bethany, Neb. 

Cotner courier (Cotner college) 

Lincoln, Neb. v 1- ,1926- // 

Crimson rambler (Transylvania college) 
Lexington, Ky. v 1, My 21 1915+ 

Cris-to-graph, a religious periodical 

Comanche, Tex. v 1- , Ja 1940? 


ed. C. C. Klingman 

Critograph (Lynchburg college) 

Lynchburg, Va. v 1, 1914?+ 

Culver-Stockton Alumnus (Culver-Stockton 
Canton, Mo. v 1 no 1, N 1927// 

Culver- Stockton college see Christian edu- 
cator; Christian extensor ; Christian uni- 
versity recor d; Culver- Stockton alumnus; 
Culver- Stockton college bulletin; Culver- 
Stockton quarterly ; Discipliana; In the 
library; Letter for alumni in armed forces; 
Megaphone; Optimist; Union literary magazine 

Culver-Stockton college bulletin (Culver- 
Stockton college) 
Canton, Mo. v 1, Ag 18 1914+ 
1914- Mr 1917 as Christia n universit^r 

Culver-Stockton quarterly (Culver- Stockton 
Canton, Mo. v 1- 7 no 1, J a 1925- 
Ja 1931// 
ed. W. E. Schultz _ 5fU 

Daily Bible readings see Ch ristian educator 
(Christian university) 

Daily Liberty tribune; dedicated to the state 
convention (Mi s s o ur i ) 
Liberty, Mo. v 1 no 1-3, Je 4-6 1929// 
ed. H. G. Barr 

David Lipscomb college see Babbler; David 
Lipscomb college bulletin 

David Lipscomb college bulletin (David 

Lipscomb college") (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Term. v 1, 1913?+ 

Days of youth see Girlhood days 

Defiance college (Christian church) see 
Defiance college bulletin 

Defiance college bulletin (Defiance college) 
("Christian church) 
Defiance, 0. v 1, 1908?+ 

Dexter Christian college see Dexter Chris- 
tian college bulletin 

Dexter Christian college bulletin (Dexter 
Christian college) 
Dexter, Mo. circa 1903 

Disciple (Washington) 

Seattle, Wash. circa 1909 
ed. J. L. Garvin 

Disciple (Canada) 

River John, N. S. circa 1880 
ed. T. H, Blenus 


Disciple; a monthly magazine devoted to 
Christian living, learning and 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-6 no 3, 1884- 

3 188 7/ 

ed. S, M. Jefferson; Isaac and Russell 

Errett; B. J. Radford and J. B. Pounds 

1884-1835 as Disciple of Christ 

Disciple; a monthly publication devoted to 

the advocacy of primitive Christianity 
Somerset, Pa/ v 1- , Jl 135l-Je 1853// 
ed. C. L. Loos 

Disciple; to promote the restoration of primi- 
tive Christianity 
Tuscaloosa, Ala.; etc. v 1- , 1836- 


ed. Alexander Graham and J. A. Butler; 
J. A. Butler and J. H. Curtis 
suspended 1837-1338-1839 

Disciple herald (Negro) 

East Orange, N. J. v 1- , F 1934- // 
ed. 0. S, Lucas and A. R. Jackson 
supersedes Christian reformer (Negro) 

Disciple of Christ see Disciple, a monthly 
magazine devoted to Christian living, 
learning and literature 

Disciples advocate 

Kinston, N. C. v 1- ,0 185 7- // 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

Disciples divinitv house see House ne 



Disciples' messenger 

NewTork^~ B "~T7 v 1- ,1901- // 
ed. M. E. Harlan 

Disciples world movement in Missouri see 
Missouri movement 

Discipliana, published in the interests of 
the Henry Barton Robison collection 
of literature relating to the Disciples 
of Christ (Culver- Stockton college) 

Canton, Mo, v 1, Mr 1941+ 


Drake (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1-3, 1903-1906/ 

Drake alumni news bulletin (Drake university) 
Des Moines, la. v 1, Ap 1942+ 

Drake alumnus (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1, IT 14 1913+ 
suspended Je 191 7- D 1920 

Drake crusader (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , Mr 1926?- // 

Drake delphic see Drake times-delphic 

Drake index (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , 1882-1883/ 

Drake times-delphic (Drake university) 
Des Moines, la. v 1, N 1 1884+ 
N 1 1884-F 10 1930 as Drake delphic 

Drake university see Drake; Drake alumni 
news bul let i n j D rake alumnus ; Drake 
crusader; Drake times-de l phic ; Drak e 
university bulletin; Drake university- 

bulletin on religion; Drake university 

£££££d; Fool sca p. Good news . GoQse g 


Drake university bulletin (Drake university) 

Des Moines, i a ,, v i_ f % 1897-1923// 
nergec with Drake u niversity record 

Drake university bulletin on religion 

(Drake university) ' 

Des Moines, la. \ i f F 1938+ 

Drake university record (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1, My 1904+ 


Eastern i ennsylvania disciple 

Wil TiamsportTH^ v"T- , 192 7-1929/ 7 

ed. E. C« Lunger 

Ecclesiastical reformer 

Harrodsburg; Lexington, Ky. v 1-5, 


ed. Carroll Kendrick; L. L. Pinkerton 

Echo (Christian church) 

C-rahari, N. C. circa 1909 
ed. J. C. Core and J. H. McBroom 

Echoes from the woods (William Woods college) 
"Fulton, Mo. v 1, 1912?+ 
1912- as William Woods college 

Educational broadcast (Board of education 
of the Disciples of Christ) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1- ,0 1930- 



Educational bulletin 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1897- / 

Edwards county disciple 

Albion, 111. circa 1919-1921 
ed. L. A. Chapman 

Elementary circle 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1st quarter 
1913- / 
ed. L. A. Faris 

Elementary gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1st quarter 1928+ 
ed. S. H. Hall 
1928-1931 as Elementary quarterly 


Elementary quarterly (churches ol Christ) see 
Elementary gospel quarterly (churches of 

Encouragement magazine (churches of Christ) 
Louisville, Ky. v 1- , Ja 1911- 
Je 1915/ 
ed. D. C. Janes 


Bloomington, Ind. circa 1841 

Eureka Alumnus (Eureka college) 

Eureka, 111. v 1, Ja 1925+ 

Eureka college see Eureka Alumnus; Eureka 

college bulletin; Eureka college pegasus 

Eureka college "bulletin (Eureka college) 
Eureka, 111, v 1, Mr 1901+ 
Mr 1901- as College "bulletin 

Eureka college pegasus (Eureka college) 
Eureka, 111. v" 1, 1888?+ 
- as Eureka pegasus 

Evangel see Carolina evangel 

Evangelical inquirer 

Dayton, 0. v 1- , 1827?-1831?/ 
ed. D. 3. Burnet 

Evangelist (Georgia) 

Atlanta, Ga. v 1- , Mr 15 189 7- // 
ed. E. L, Shelnut 

Evangelist (iovra) 

Mt. Pleasant; Ft. Madison; Davenport, la. 
v 1-15, 1850- Je 1864/ 

ed. Daniel Bates; Aaron Chatterton; others 
1850-Je 1852 as Western evang elist 
- 62T 

Jl 1852-D 1358 as Chr istian evangelist 
superseded by evangelist n s (Iowa) 

Evangelist n s (Iowa) 

Oskaloosa, la.; Chicago, 111.; etc. 
v 1- ,0 1865-0 5 1882/ 
ed, B. W. Johnson; others 
D 1875-1879 as Record and evangelist 
supersedes Evangelist (Towa) 
merged with Christian to form Christian- 

Evangelist (Michigan) 

Kalamazoo, Mich. v 1- , 1897?- / 
ed. W. J. Russell 

Evangelist (Mississippi) 

Columbus, Miss. circa 1848 
ed. Greene Hill 

Evangelist (Ohio) 

Cincinnati; Carthage, 0.; Pittsburgh, Pa. 

v 1- , Ja 2 1832-1844?/ 

ed, Walter Scott 

various sub-titles 

1836 as Gospel restored 

superseded by Protestant unionist 

Evangelist (Louisville Christian Bible 
Louisville, Ky. circa 1899 

Evangelist (churches of Christ) 

Corinth, Miss.; Longview, Tex. 

v 1, 1938+ 

ed. Cheater Estes 

Evangelist at work 

Jeffersonville,. 111. circa 1830 

ed. T. M. Wall 


Evangelist; devoted to the advocacy of New 
Testamant Christianity 
San Francisco, Calif. v 1, 1372-1873?// 
ed. T. P. Haley and J. C. Keith 

Evangelist quarterly 

Stanhope, la. v 1- , 1898?- // 
ed. C. D. Jones 

Evangelistic review 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , 1901?- // 
ed. C. D. Jones 

Everywhere evangelist 

ed. W. H. Book 

Excelsior (projected, 186?, but never 
Buffalo, N. Y. 
ed. W. T. Horner 

Exponent (Spokane university) 

Spokane, Wash. v 1-2*, 1 1914- 

0^ 18 1916// 

ed. I. N. McCash 

superseded by Conifer 

Exponent of religion 

Alliance, 0. " circa 1900? 
ed. S. T. Dodd 

Eye opener see Valley record 

Eye opener (churches of Christ) 


Facts see Restoration herald 

Fairfield college see P'airfield college 

Fairfield college star (Fairfield college) 
Fairfield, Neb~[ circa 1894 

Faithful sayings 

Tillliopolis, :Ill..s Mexico, Mo, 
v 1- , 1891- // 

ed. J. W. Robbins 

Faithful witness see YJitness 

Faithful witness (churches of Christ) 
"""" circa 1913 

Family Christian alb 


Richmond, Va. circa 1855 
ed. Mrs. E. P. Elam 

Family messenger 

Eden Valley; Rochester, Minn. 
circa 1901-1903 

Fire and hammer (churches of Christ) 

Cleveland, 0. v 1- , My 1925- // 
ed. Mrs. M. L. Keck and others 

Firm foundation (churches of Christ) 
Austin, Tex* v 1, . 1384+ 
ed. G. H. P. Showalter; others 

Florida Christian; devoted to the restoration 
of New Testament Christianity 
Jacksonville, Fla. v 1 1923+ 
ed. C. W„ Ross; R. L. Brown; A. B. 


Foolscap (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1 no 1, F 1928/ 

Footprints of time (churches of Christ) 
Iberia7~Mo~ v 1, D 1 1939+ 
ed. W, F. Jones 
suspended Mr 1940-S 1941 
D 1 193-^-F 1940 as Footprints 

Freed- Hardeman college see Freed- Hardeman 
college bulletin 

Freed- Hardeman college bulletin (Freed- 
Hardeman college") 
Henderson, Tenn. v 1, 1907?+ 

Friendly Christian (Christian church) 
Tacony, Pa. circa 1872 
ed. R. J. Wright 

From Hiram (Hiram college) 

Hiram, 0. v 1- , 1933?- / 

From Lynchburg college (Lynchburg college) 
Lynchburg, Va. v 1, My 1938+ 

Front rank 

St. Louis, Mo. v 1, 1891+ 

ed. W. W. Dowling; Marion Stevenson; 

0. T. Anderson; H. L. Minard 

1891- Ag 1" 1910 as Our young folks 

Front rank journal 

St. Louis, Mo. v 1- , F 1913- / 
ed. Marion Stevenson and R. P. Shepherd 
supersedes Front rank superintendent and 
Front rank teacher 

Front rank superintendent 
St. Louis, Mo. 
superseded by Front rank journal 


Fron t rank teacher 

St. Louis, Mo, v 1-2 no 1, 1911-1913/ 

ed. Marion Stevenson 

superseded by Front rank journal 


Garfield university see University review 


Philadelphia, Pa. v 1- ,1360- / 
ed. Janes Challen 

Gem see Junior world 

General convention churches of Christ daily 

v p v~l-3?, 19147-1916?/ 

Genius of Christianity 

Salem; Boston, Mass. ; etc. v 1- , 

1341- // 

ed. a. G. Comings 

George Pepperdine college see Bulletin 
George Pepperdine college; Graphic 

Georgia Christian (churches of Christ) 
Summerville, Ga. circa 1940 
ed. E, H. McGaha 

Georgia Christian messenger see Christian 
messenger (Georgia) 

Girlhood days 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 5 1902+ 
0. 5 1902-D 29 1907 as Days of youth 

Girlhood hours see Junior world 

Girls circle see Highway 

Glad tidings (Christian church) 

Golden era 

Kansas City, Mo. circa 1384-1886 
ed, Joseph Lowe 

Golden lesson 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1- , Ja 1867- 


ed. W. W. Dowlingj others 

1867-1877 as Morning watch 

Good news (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1, D 11 1942+ 
ed. Richard Dawson 

Good news (churches of Christ) 

R^bbstown, Tex. + 

ed, Edgar Furt 

Good seed s^e Gospel lesson leaf 

Good tidings 

Winston, N. C, circa 18 93 

Good tidings (churches of Christ) 
Corsicana, Tex. circa 1925 

Good words for boys and girls 

Lexington; Louisville, Ky. v 1- , 

1875?- // 

ed. Mary Ware; C. C. Cline 

Goose step (Drake university) 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , 1928?- // 

Gospel advance (churches of Christ) 

circa 1920 

Gospel advocate (Kentucky) 

Georgetown, Ky. v 1-2, Ja 1835- D 1836/ 
ed. J. T. Johnson and B. F. Hall 
superseded by Christian panopolist 

Gospel advocate (Massachusetts) 

""Boston, Mass.. v 1- , 1849?- // 
ed. D. 0. Gaskill 


Gospel advocate (churches of Christ) 
ITashville, Tenn„ v 1, 1355+ 
ed. Tolbert Fanning; David Lipscomb; 
B. C. Goodpasture; others 
suspended 1332-136' 

Gospel age (churches of Christ) 

Spring dale, Ark. v 1, Ja 1 1931+ 

ed. J. L. Neal 


Gospel banner 

St„ Louis, Mo. circa 1854 
ed. J. D, Fuller 

Gospel banner (christian church) 

Woodstock, Vt B v 1, 1326// 
ed. Jasper ilazen 

Gospel broadcast, the national Christian 
weekly ("churches of Christ) 
Dallas, Tex. v 1, 1941+ 
ed. E. S. Smith 

Gospel call see Central Christian collegian 

Gospel digest (churches of Christ) 
Denver^ "Colo e v 1, 1943+ 
ed. W. C, Cooke 

Gospel echo (West Virginia) 

Palatine,, W. Va, circa 189? 
ed. W. J. Rice; Alfred Ellnore 

Gospel echo see Christian- evangelist 

Gospel echo and Christian see Christian- 

Gospel guardian (churches of Christ) 
Oklahoma "City, k la , 
ed. F. E. Wallace, jr. 


Gospel guide (churches of Christ) 

Dallas^ Tex. v 1- , Ja 1916- 

»Mr 1929/ 
ed. J. S. War lick 
was this issued as a weekly 1910-1916 
under separate numbering? 

Gospel herald 

Manchester, Tenn. circa 1861 
ed. Rees Jones 

Gospel herald (Christian church) 

New Carlisle; Dayton, 0.; etc. v 1- , 
2 1343-1868/ 

ed. I„ II. Walter; John Ellis; others 
merged with Herald of gospel liberty 

Gospel herald (churches of Christ) 
San Antonio, Tex. circa 1928 
ed. J. P. Sewell and W, C. Hall 

Gospel herald (churches of Christ) (Canada) 
"Wis bar t~ Saskatchewar v 1- , 
1936?- ' // 

ed. Robert Sinclair; J. C. Bailev 

Gospel lesson leaf 

S"t„ LGuis7"Mo 3 ; etc. v 1- , 18 73- // 
ed, W„ W. Dowling 

13 73- as Our seed basket 
- as Good seed 

as Gospel sower 

Gospel light (churches of Christ) 
Delight, Ark. v 1, D 193C+ 
ed. J. A. Copeland; Grady Alexander 

Gospel li ght (churches of Christ) 
Win field, Kans. circa 1915 


Gospel luminary (Christian church) 

West Bloomfield, N. Y. v 1- , 

Ja 1825- // 

ed. David Hi Hard 

merged with Christian palladium? 

Gospel message (churches of Christ) 
Charleston, Miss. circa 1925 

Gospel messenger (Illinois) 

Mb # Morris, 111. circa 1897-1898 
known also as Christian messenger? 

Gospel messenger (Missouri) see Miller 
county vindicator 

Gospel messenger (Tennessee) 

Nashville, Tenn. circa 18 96-190? 
ed. 0. P. Spiegel 
suspended -1901? 

Gospel messenger (churches of Christ) 

circa 1928 
ed. J. 0. Barnes 

Gospel missionary 

Covington, Ind. circa 18 99- 190?^ 
ed. W. J. Rice 

Gospel palladium (Christian church) 

Boston, Mass j Warren, R. I. v 1-2 
no 1, 1823-Je 16 1824// 
ed. Reuben Potter 

Gospel palladium (christian church) (pro- 
posed name of paper ed. by Joseph Badger) 
see Christian palladium (Christian 

Gospel pilot (churches of Christ) 

Tulsa, Okla. + 

ed. W. C. Porter ^ y2 _ 

Gospel plea see Christian plea 

Gospel plea (churches of Christ) 
Roseville, 0. 
ed. Thomas Martin, ,'f. 

Gospel preacher 

Favet-ceviTle, Ark, v 1- , Ja 1899- 


ed. J. T. Hinds 

Gospel preacher (churches of Christ) 
Roswell, N. T'l. circa 1931 

Gospel primary teacher (churches of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1st quarter 1935+ 

Gospel proclaimer 

circa 1899 

Gospel proclaimer (churches of Christ) 
. circa 1912 

Gospel proclaimer (churches of Christ) 
Austin, Tex. v 1, Ja 193 9+ 
ed. G. H. p. Showalter 

Gospel proclamation; demoted to the defense 

of the faith and practice of primitive 

St. Clairsville, 0. v 1-2, Je 1847- 

3 184?/ 

ed. A. W. Eall 

merged with Western reformer to become 

Proclamation and reformer 

Gospel publisher 

Harrisburg, Pa. circa 1844 
ed. George M f Cartney 

Gospel quarterly - lessons for advanced classes 
Nashville, Tenn, 


Gospel nuarterly -• lessons for interne n iate 
Nashville, Tenn, 

Gospel quarterly - lessons for primary classes 
Nashville, Tenn, 

Gospel restored see Evangelist (Ohio) 

Gospel review 

Dallas, Tex. v 1- , Mr 1903- // 
ed, J. 3. War lick and others 

Gospel sower see Gospel lesson leaf 

Gospel teacher (Indiana) 

Charleston, Ind t circa 1835 
ed. S. H. Hilton 

Gospel teacher (Missouri) 

~ "St. Louis, Mo. v 1- ,1330- // 
ed. J, PI. Hardin; W, W. Dowling 

Gospel teacher (Texas) 

Sunset, Tex. circa 1903 

Gospel teacher (churches of Christ) 

Booneville, hiss, v 1 , 1941+ 
ed. P. G. Vh-ight; P. D. Murphy 

Gospel teachers manual (churches of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn, v 1, 1st quarter 1933+ 
1933 as Teacher r s manual 

Gospel tidings (churches of Christ) 
Abilene,, Tex. v 1, F 1935+ 
ed. G. 3. She lour ne 

Gospel trumpet 

Kensington, II. Y. circa 1902 


Gospel vindicator (Canada) 

Coburg,, Upper Canada v 1- , 
Je 5 183 7- // 

Gospel way (churches of Christ) 

Detroit, Mich. v 1, Ap 1942+ 
ed. G. W. Utley 

Gospel witness (churches of Christ) 

Gainst or", Tenn. v 1, 1940-S 1941/ 
ed. 3. H. Anderson 

Graohic (George Pepoerdine college) (churches of 
Los Angeles, Calif e 

Green owl (TTilliam Woods college) 

Fulton, Mo, v l, 1935?+ 
1935- as Leaves 


Hamilton college see Hamilton college 
monthlyj Hamiltonian 

Hamilton college monthly (Hamilton college) 
Lexington, Kyi "v 1- , 1380?- // 

Hamiltonian; a quarterly magazine (Hamilton 
Lexington, Ky. v 1- , 1902?- // 

Harbinger (Ohio) see Ohio work 

Harbinger (Oregon) see Pacific Christian 

Harding college see Bison; Skeeter 

Harvest work (churches of Christ) 

ed. C. C. Merritt 


Guthrie, Ohla. 
ed. C. A. Nation 

Haymaker (Phillips university) 
SnTd, Okla. ' v 1, 1908?+ 


St. Louis, Mo. v 1, 1906?+ 

-3rd quarter 1924 as Home department 

4th quarter 1924- 3rd quarter 1942 as Beth- 
any home quarterly 


Butler, Mo-. circa 18 90 

ed. P. C. Browning 

was this formerly Pastoral and missionary 



Helper (National anti-Mormon association 

of Church of Christ) 
McArthur, 0.; etc, circa 1902-1903 
ed # R. 3. Ileal; J. T. Bridwell 

Herald of gospel liberty (Christian church) 
Tortsnouth, IT. H. ; Dayton, 0.; etc. 
v 1-122, S 1 1308- F 2 7 1930/ 
ed, Ellas Snith; others 
My 1313-1335 as Christian heral 
Ap 2 1335-1339 as Christian journal 
1339-1341 as Christian herald and journal 
1-841-1350 as Christian herald " 
Mr 2 7 1350-1351 as Christian herald and 

■»-n£ic a f^y] CP ^ T" 

-.!-■ u . ~&~lr 

~erged with Congregationalist to becon^ 
Congregationaiist and herald of gospel 

oiroa 1845-1347 

irca 1351-1861 

Herald of the future age 

ed. John Thonas 
Herald of the kingdom 

ed. John Thonas 

Herald of the truth 

Buffalo"" IT. Y. v 1- ,18 61?- // 
ed. "J. T. Horner 

various sub- titles 

Hera"' d of ■'■r 1 '"'"'^ 1 

ed. Clark Braden 

Heral 1 of truth (Illinois) 

Desota, Carbondale, 111. v I- , 

13 66?- 13 67 // 

ed. IT. D. Bantau and John Lindsey 


Pier a Id of truth (churches of Christ) 

Oklahoma City, Okla. circa 1922*1926 

ed. H.T T . Borden 

Herb Shaves magazinelet 

Revere, ffi> m ; Cantril, la. v 1- , 
Je 1929- // 
ed. K. C. Shaw 

Heretic detector , devoted to primitive 

Christianity and to the destruction 
of sectarianism 

Middleburg, 0. v 1-5, Ja 1837- D 1841 / 

ed. Arthur Crihfield 

Ja-Ap 133 7 as Northern reformer, heretic 

detect or &nd evangeli c a'lTe v i ew 

Highland preacher 

Lafayette, Term. v 1- ,■ Ja 18 96- 

ed. W. H. Carter 


Pikeviile, Ky. v 1- , F 1910- // 
ed. R. B. Heal 

Highw ay 

St. Louis , Mo» , v 1, 1907? + 
ed. H. L. Minard 
1907?-B 30 1916 as Social circle 
Ja 7 1917-D 1937 as" Girls" cTTcTe" 

fiighwa:/ of holiness 

Columbia, Tenn. v 1, Je 1838-D 1839/ 

ed. Hobert Mack 

Hiram broadcaster (Hiram college) 
Hiram, 0. v 1, 1928+ 

Hiram college see Advance; Bulletin of 

Hiram colle ge; College star ; FromlfiraiTi; 

?i£ffL broadcaster; liTFam student " ' 

Hiram student (Hiram college) 

"Hiram, 0. v 1- , 1868- // 
ed. A. M, Weston 

Home departme nt quarterl}?" (Missouri) see 


Home department quart erly (Ohio) see Standard 
home department quarterly 

Home 'visitor (churches of Christ) 

Morriilton, Ark. v 1 ,1926+ 
ed. J. H. Martin) J. E. Laird; others 
-r!92 6- S 1926 as Park Hill visitor 

Hoosier preacher 
Salem, Ind. 
ed. Earl Daniels 


0~skaloosa, la.; etc. circa 1892-1894 
ed. L. C. Wilson and D, A. Wickizer 
as Truth seeker 

House news (Disciples divinity house) 
Chicago, 111. v 1, N 1929+ 
ed. E. S. Ames 
v 1 no 1-3 mimeographed 

Hudson valley Christian 

Troy, N. T. 7T- , 1905- // 

ed. G. 3. Townsend 



Springfield, 111. circa 1890-1892 
ed. W. H. Boles 

Illinois Christian 

Benton, 111. ; etc, circa 1930-1932 
ed. C. L. Phifer 

Illinois Christian education herald 
Bloomington, 111. 

ed. 0. T. Maddox 

Illinois Christian news 

Eureka, 111, v 1- , -Ap 1 1898/ 
ed. J. H. Hardin and B. J. Radford 
merged with Christian oracle 

Illinois Christian news 

Blooming ton, 111. v 1- , 1909-1910?/ 
ed. V. r . D t Deweese; J. F, Jones 

Illinois mission leaves 

Springfield; Bloomington, 111.; etc, 
v 1, 1907?+ 

ed. Jennie Call; Stella C, Peck; others 
1907?-1925? as Mission leaves 

Illinois pentecost goals bulletin 

Bloomington, 111. circa 1929 
issued irregularly with no numbering 

T llinois teacher 

Bloomington, 111. circa 1855 
ed. W, F. M, Arney and others 

In the library (Culver- Stockton college) 

Canton, Mo, v 1-2, Ja 1940-S 30 194l/ 


Independent monthly 

Cincinnati; 0, ; G-reensburg, Ind. 

v 1- , Ja 1869-18 70?/ 

ed. L. L. Pinkerton and John Shackleford; 

H. W. Wiley 

Indiana Ch ristian 

Indianapolis, Ind. circa 1896-1903 
ed, E. B. Scofield and others 
merged with Christian guide 

Indiana Christian, devoted to the advocacy 

~~of the Ideals of New Testament Chris- 
tianity and to the interpretation and 
promotion of the program of work of 
the churches of Christ 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, Ja 1914+ 
ed. C. V;. Cauble; 0. I. Hoover; E. D. 
Ja 1914- S 192 7 as Indiana worker 

Indiana school of religion see Indiana 
school of religion bulletin 

Indiana school of religion bulletin 
(Indiana school of religion) 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Indiana standard 

Cincinnati, 0. circa 1890-1892 
ed. L. L. Carpenter 

Indiana tidings 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1927+ 

ed„ : T rs. 0. H. Greist; Mrs, C. C, Nease 

supersedes Missionary quarterly (Indiana) 

Indiana worker see Indiana Christian 

Intermediate gospel quarterly (churches of 
Christ") " 


Nashville, Term. v 1, 1st quarter 1932+ 
ed. Batsell Baxter 

Intermediate quarterly 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1896- // 

Intermediate quarterly (Christian church) 

International Christian messenger 

Minneapolis, Minn. v 1- , S 1913- 


ed, Ernest Thornquest; Julius Stone 
S 1913-3 1915 as Scandanavian American 

Investigator (Illinois) 

St. Charles, 111. v ], § 1842- / 
ed. "John Thomas 

Investigator (Indiana) 

Mishawaka, Ind. circa 1847 
ed. P. P. Russell 

Iowa Christian 

Webster City, la. v 1- ,0 13 94-1895/ 

ed. Bruce Brown 

was enlargement of a local church paper 


superseded by Christian index, later 

Christian union 

Iowa evangelist 

ed. J. F. Devol 

Iowa tidings 

Des Moines, la. v 1- , 19157-1929?^ 
ed. Annette Newcomer 

Iron oreacher 

New Orleans, La. before 13 77 


ed. W. E. Hall 

merged with Christian (Texas) to become 

Christian preacher (Texas) 


Jeffersonville, Ind. v 1- , 1841?- // 

ed. Nathaniel Field 

supersedes Journal of Christianity 

merged with Christian record 

Israelite indeed 

NevHfork, N. Y. circa 1359 

ed. G> R. Lederer and M. J. Franklin 

Israel 1 s messenger (churches of Christ) 

circa 1924 
ed. Stephen Eckstein? 


Jasper county Christian 

Prairie City, la. v 1, Jl 1943+ 
ed. L» Gr s Colston 

Jesus in his offices (Christian church) 
Bost o n, Ma ss. 
ed, A. G. Comings 

Johnson Bible college see Arbutus ; Blue and 
white; Johnson Bible college news letter ; 
Johnson's quarterly 

Johnson Bible college news letter 

Kiimberlin Heights, Term, V 1- , 
1908?- / 

Johnson's quarterly; devoted to the home 
study of the sacred scriptures 
Kimberlin Heights, Tenn. v 1- , 
Jl 1888-Ap 1892// 
ed. A. 3. Johnson 

Journal and union 

Covington, Ky. v 1-2, 1847-1848/ 

ed. Arthur Crihfield 

was this Christian journal and union? 

Journal of Christianity 

Jefferscnville, Ind. v 1- , Ap 2 1840- 


ed. Nathaniel Field 

superseded by Israelite 

Journal of education 

Shelbyville, Tenn. circa 1859 
ed. C. L. Randolph 

Journal of education and general literature 

(projected 1845, but never published?) 
Bethany, Va. 
ed, A. F. Ross 


Junior "builders see King's builders 

Junior gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 
"Hashville, Tenn a v 1, 18 93+ 

-v 34 no 1, 1926 as Junior quarterly 

Junior life 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1+ 

-Je 2 7 192 6 as Pure words 

Junior quarterly (churches of Christ) see 

Junior gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 

Junior quarterly for the teacher; Bethany 
graded lessons 
St. Louis, Mo. v 1, 1909?+ 

Junior world 

Bedford, Ind. ; Oskaloosa, la. ; 

Chicago, 111, ; St. Louis, Mo« v 1, 

18 75+ 

18 75-18 76 as Sunday school gem 

1876-1877 as GeTn ' " 

18 78-1830 as Litt le Ch ristian 

1831-1901 as Sunday school evangelist 

1902-1916 as Young evangelist 

1917-1919? as Girlhood hours 

Just a moment (churches of Christ) 
Ennis; Gladewater, Tex. v 1, 
20 1938+ 
ed. Gayle 01 er 

Just think 

Mo net t, Mo. v 1- ,1398- 
ed. H. B. Wright 


Kansas Bible college see Christian call 

Kansas Christian 

Yates Center, Kans e v ]__ 18 91- 


ed. Redwine 

Kansas messenger 

fopeka, Kans. v 1, Mr 1897+ 

ed. M, E. Harlan; G. E. Lyon; J. D, 


Kansas missionary 

"' ~ v !_ f 18 92- // 

ed. J. H. Bauserman 

Kearne\r county Christian 

Minden, Neb^ 71- ,1892- // 
ed. W. H. Winters 

Kentucky bulletin see Kentucky Christian 

Kentucky Christian 

Louisville; Lexington, Ky. v 1, 1907+ 
ed. R. II. Hopkins, C. L. Brooks; others 
1907-1922? as Weekly b ulletin 
19227-1925 as Kentucky bulletin 

Kentucky evangelist; devoted to the restora- 
tion of primitive Christianity 
Murray, Ky. v 1- , 1914?- // 
ed. J. S. Dean 
supersedes Purchase evangelist 

Kentucky female orphans school see Bulletin 
Kentuckv female orphans school 


Kentucky quarterly 

Lexington, Ky\ v I- , 1917?- 192 7? // 
ed. Mrs. L. L. Campbell; ''rs, W. R. 

Keystone bulletin 

Pittsburgh, Pa. v 1, 193 7+ 
ed. TI. A. Denton 

King's banner 

Jasper, Tenn. circa 13 74 
ed. A. Alison 

King's builders 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; St, Louis, T Io. 

v 1- , 'My 1890-1929?// 

ed. Irs. Jospeh King; Mattie Pounds; 

Eliie K. Payne; Nora E. Darnall 

My 1890- Ap 1896 as Little builders at 

wo rk 

Ily 1396-D 1907 as Junior builders 

King's business 

Cleveland, 0. v 1- , 1399-190?/ 
ed. J. E. Pounds and J. B. Pounds 

Kiowa chief 

Perry, 0. T. circa 1901 
ed. D. T. Morgan 

Kosmos, social science club publication 
(Spokane university) 
Spokane, Wash. v 1- , 1930- / 

-8 7- 

Ladies Christian annual 

Philadelphia, Fa,. v 1-7, Jl 1852- 

D 135 7// 

ed. Janes Challen 

Ladies Christian monitor see Christian 

Ladies home magazine 

Buffalo, Wl Y. v 1- , Mr 18 66?- / 
ed. ",7. T. Horner 

Lard T s quarterly; devoted to the oropaga- 
tion and defense of the gospel 
Georgetownj Frankfort, Ky. v 1-5, 
S.13Cd-Ap 18 68/ 
ed. M. E. Lard 

Laurel wreath 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1- , 13 72- // 
ed. W. T 7. Dowling 

Leaves see Green owl 

Lesson guide 

Lou i s vi lie, Ky. 
ed. J. Y. r . McGarvey 

Lesson leaf (churches of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1866?- // 
- as Advocate lesson leaf 

Letter for alumni in armed forces (Culver- 
Stockton college) 
Canton, Mo. no 1, S 5 1942+ 
ed. A. N. Allen 

Liberty's sentinel 

'Washington, N. C. v 1- , 18 95- // 

ed. J. W. Macnamara 


Light (Virginia Christian college) 

Lynchburg, Va. v 1- , 1904- // 
ed. J. A. Hory-o^ 

Light and liberty (churches of Christ) 

circa 1917 

Light house 

McKeesport, Pa, v 1- , 1891?- // 
ed. H. W, Talmage 

Lily (Platte female academy) 

Platte Citv, ? T o. v 1- , Ja 1 1859- 


Linwood Christian see Christian; a journal 
of progressive religion 

Literar7 r pastime 

Richmond, Va. circa 1868 
ed. A. Crutchfield 

Little angel (liars hill academy) 

Florence, Ala. v 1- , 13 77- / 
ed. T. B. Larimore 

Little builders at work see King T s builders 

Little chief 

Indianapolis. Ind. v 1- , D 1366- 


ed. ,■[. j. Dowling 

Little child 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , Jl 6 1879-1884// 
superseded by Buds of hope 

Little Christian see Junior world 


Little Christian (Christian church) 

ed. 77. B. Tfe lions 

Little gleaner (projected, 1866, "but never 
Buffalo, LI. Y. 
ed. 7. T. Horner 

Little jewels 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1888?+ 
Little ones see Storyland 
Little nearls 

Louisville, Ky. circa 1380- 138-4 
ed. C. C. Cline 
superseded by Buds of hope 

Little seeker 

Neo^To^lfo. v 1- , F 1 1889- // 
ed. A. L, McQuary 

Little sower 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; St. Louis, Mo. 
v 1- , Ja 1365- 
ed. 71. 77. Dowling 

Little teacher (Christian church) 

v 1- , 1381- // 

Little thoughts 

Cllcagor" 1 !. v 1, 1369?/ 

ed. L. H, Bowling 

superseded by Little watchman 


Little watchman 

Indianapolis, Ind. ; Chicago; Bloomington, 

111.; St. Louis, Mo. v 1- , 
F 18 70- // 
ed. W, M r . Dowling 
Ja 1871 not issued 
supersedes Little thoughts 
superseded by Sunny side 

Lining Mi 

Zinston, N. C. v 1, 1334-3 1335// 

ed. J. T. Walsh 

Living Christian (Christian church) 

~Providence"7 R. I. v 1- , Ja 1373- 


ed. Daniel Schindler 

Living laborer (Canada) 

London circa 1870 
ed. David Oliphant 

merged with Christian messenger (Penn- 
sylvania) to form Christian messenger 
and living laborer 

Living links (United Christian missionary 
Indianapolis, Ind. 1941+ 

Living message (churches of Christ) 

circa 1922 
ed. C. C. Merritt 

Living way 

Carrol lton, Ky. v 1- , 18 70?- // 
ed. J. W. Cox 

Local church unit;/ 

Kansas City, Mo. v 1 no 1, c 192 5 3 // 
ed. P. E. Rains 


Lookout- a magazine of Christian education 
Cincfnnerji;, \ " 1, 1688+ 

ed t Mattia Boteler; E„ J. Meacham; 
J. D. Murch; G. P. Leavitt 
18 88- Mr 5 1894 as Young peoples standard 

Lord's way (churches of Christ) 

Fort Worth, Tex, + 

ed. Logan Buchanan 

Los Angeles Christian bulletin 

Los Angeles, Calif] v~~l- ,1889- // 
ed. J. B« Jones 

Louisiana Christian 

New Orleans, La.; etc. v 1- , 1902- 


ed. R, L a Porter; C. L. Jones; others 

Louisiana Christian (churches of Christ) 
Amite" La. v 1- ,1923- // 
ed. A. K. Ramsey 

Louisville Christian Bible school see 
. Evangelist 

Loyalist see Christian loyalist 

Lynchburg college see Alumni bulletin of 

Lynchburg college; Alumni news; Bulletin 
of Lynchburg college; Critograph; From 
Lynchburg college; Light; Prism 


Macedonian call (churches of Christ) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 192 7+ 
ed. D. A. Sonne r 

Madison parish visitor for Christ and his 
Earlhan, la. v 1, F 1943+ 
ed. C. P. Shephard 

/Manhattan Bible college see Manhattan 
Bible college news 

Manhattan ^ible college news 

Manhattan, bans. v 1, 1929?+ 
ed. T. H. Johnson 

Manuscripts, literary quarterly (Butler 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1935?+ 

Mars Hill academy see Angel of mercy, love, 
peace and truth; Little angel 

Megaphone (Culver- Stockton college) 
Canton, Mo. v 1, 23, 1919+ 

Message of good will see Peace maker 

Message to ministers, emergency million for 

life and work (Unified oromotion) 
Indianapolis, Ind. S 1941+ 

Messenger ( Minnesota) 

Excelsior, Minn. v 1- , 1894- // 

Messenger (Mississippi) 

Jackson, Miss. circa 1891-1895 
ed. M. F. Harnon 

Messenger (Missouri) 

St. Paul, Minn.; St. Louis, Mo. v 1- 


1839?- // 

susd ended 2 years (v 5 In 1896 

Messenger of truth 

Euc'lidT" 0.~~ circa 1852 
ed. A. P. Jones 

Messianic banner 

New Bern, N. C. v 1- , 1866- // 
ed. J. T. Walsh 

Michigan disciple 

Grand Rapids, Mich,; etc. circa 1892- 


ed. L. W. Spayd; Mrs. A. E. Jennings 

superseded by Michigan evangelist? 

Michigan evangelist 

Kalamazoo; Yfa viand, Mich. v 1- , 
18 98- // 

supersedes Michigan disciple? 

Microcosm; the organ of substantial philosophy 
~TJew~York, N. Y. v 1-10, Ag 1881-1893// 
ed. A, T 7. Hall 

Ag 1881- Je 1883 as Wilford 1 s microcosm 

Millennial harbinger 

Bethany, W. Va. v 1-41, Ja 4 1830- 18 70// 
ed. Alexander Campbell; IT. K. Pendleton 
v. 1-35 in 5 series of 7 v each 

Millennial herald (projected, but never 
ed. Walter Scott 

Millennial! Christian evangelist and defender 
of the true faith [projected, 1342, 
but never published?) 

New York, N. Y. 

ed. T. J. Harvey 


Miller county vindicator 

T u s o umb i" a" Mo~ " o 4 rca 18 7?- 188?/ 

ed. J. P. 'Trig 1 it and J z H D. Thompson 
—1880 as Gosoel messenger 

Milligan college see Milli gan light; 

Milligan light (Milligan college) 
Milligan College, Tern, 
ed. J. A. Hopwood 

Minnesota Bible college see Minnesota 
Bible college news 

Minnesota Bible college news (Minnesota 
Bible college) 
Minneapolis, Minn. v 1, 1938?+ 

- as Minnesota Bible univer- 
sity news 

Minnesota Christian 

Minneapolis, Minn. v 1- , 1900?- 1918?/ 

Mirror of Christian evidence 

Boston, Mass. circa 1845 
ed. A. G. Comings 

Mission workers union 

Cincinnati, 0. circa 1380 
ed. R. B. Neal 


Cincinnati, 0. t 1- , 1872-1875/ 
ed. Thomas Munnell 

Missionary advance see Missouri missionary 
council advance 


Missionary counsel 

~T~pVica™K™ns7 v 1, 1913?+ 
ed. A. E. Moore j E. R. Bentley 

Missionary g azette (projected, 1366, but 
never published?) 
Rockville, Ind. 
ed. E. G. Bartholomew 

Missionary i ntelligencer (Foreign Chris- 
tian missionary society) 
Cincinnati, 0. v l-ol, 188 7-1918/ 
ed. A. McLean; F. M. Rains; S. J. Corey 
superseded by World call 

Missionary messenger (churches of Christ) 
Louisville, Ey. v 1, Ja 1924+ 
ed. D. C. Junes 
Ja 1924- D 1926 as Booster's bull etin 

Missionary monitor 

Indianapolis, Ind. circa 1369 
ed. Mrs. M. M. B. Goodwin? 
merged with Christian monitor? 

Missionarv organizations bulletin (United 
Christian missionary society) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, 1923+ 
ed. A. E. Moore; others 

Missionary quarter ly (United Christian 
missionary society) 
St. Louis, Mo. v 1- , 1925-1929?/ 
ed. P. K„ Roadruck; 3. IT. Mutton 

Missionary quarterly (Indiana) 

Winchester, Ind. v 1- , 1921?- 1927?/ 

ed. Mrs. 0. M. Greist 

- as Missionary society quarterly 
superseded by Indiana tidings 


Missionary tidings (Christian womens board. 
of missions) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1-56, My 1883- 
D 1913/ 

ed. Mrs. M, M. 3. Goodwins Mrs. S. L. 
Cunningham; others 
superseded by World -call 

Missionary visitor 

Tacoma; Seattle, V.'ash. v 1- , 1915?- 


ed. Mrs, Martha Sargent] Mrs. Cleveland 


Missionary voice (Foreign Christian mis- 
sionary society) 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1892?-1907?// 
ed. Archibald McLean and F. M. Rains 

Mi s s i o na r y we e k 1 v 

Gordonsville ; Richmond, Va, ; etc. 

v 1- , Ja 15 1880-1893?// 

ed. ?. S. Rhodes; I. J, Spencer; A. K. 

Moore; B. A. Abbott 

Ja 15 1880- 1881 as Virginia missionar* 

1332- 1837 as Atlantic missionary 

merged with Apostolic guide to form 
Christian guide 

Mi s s i o n s f o rwa r d 

Emporia, Kans. v 1, M 1941+ 
ed. V. M. Newland 
supersedes Tibetan Christian 

Mississippi Christian 

circa 1904 
ed. M. F. Harmon 

Missouri advance see Missionary advance 

■ 97- 

Missouri Christian college see Missouri 
Christian college bulletin 

Missouri Christian college bulletin 

Camden Point, Mo. V 1™ ~ T919?- // 

Missouri Christian message 

St, Louis; Kansas City, Mo. v 1-19 

no 1, Ja 1893- Je 1910^ 

ed. Gr 8 A. Hoffman; T. A. Abbott 

Ja 1893-0 1900 as Christian missionary 


Missouri crusader 

Columbia, Mo. v 1- , N 1 1928- // 

Missouri message 

Kansas City, Mo. v 1-5 no 5, Mr 1926- 

Jl 19o0// 

ed. Caspar Garrigues 

supersedes Missouri movement 

Missouri message 

Piatt sburg, Mo. v 1-5 no 4, S 1950- 

Ja 1935/ 

ed. C. F. Mard; J. S. Mill 

Missouri message 

Kansas ; City, T '"o. v 1 no 1-15?, 
Ap 1936- Ag* 195 7?// 
ed. J. S a Mill 

Missouri missionary council advance 

3t7 L7m is, "Kansas City, Mo. v 1, 

Jl 1906+ 

ed. T 'rs. A. 3. Carter; others 

Jl 1906- as Missouri advance 

-Je 1957 a s ^issicnar^ 7 a dva nee 


Missouri movement 

Kansas City, Mo. v 1-7, 3 6 1919- 
Ag 1925/ 

ed. E. E. Elliott; others 
Mr 1920-N 1920 as Disciples world move- 
ment in Missouri 
numerous errors in numbering 
superseded by Missouri message 

Model Christian 

Mineral Springs, Ark, v 1- , 

1383- // 

ed. S. R. Szzell and J. R. Jones 

Modern evangelist 

New York, N. Y. circa 1931 


IrTdianapolis, Ind. v 1 no 1-6, Ja-Je 


ed. Mrs. M. M. B. Goodwin 

merged with Ladies Christian monitor and 

Mothers monitor to become Christian 

monitor, later Christian companion 

Monroe county organizer 

Albia, Ta~ ciTca 1917-1918 

ed. C. C. Crawford 

was this continued as Restorationist? 

Montana Christian 

Ft, Benton, Mo nt . 
ed. R. J. Allen 

Monthly blade 

Hillsboro, 0. v 1- , Je 1901- // 
ed. J. V. Updike 

Monthly bulletin 

Great Falls, Mont. 

ed. H. M. Waldron; Walter Sandy 


Monthly commentator 

cTayton, 111. v 1- , -F 1865/ 

ed. Alfred Padon 

.Monthly oracle 

Chicago",~Ill. -1892/ 

Morning star and city watchman (Christian church) 
Boston, Mass" v 1-2 no 8, Je 1827- 
My 1329/ 
ed. Eiias Smith 

merged with Christian herald, later Herald 
of gospel liberty 

Morning watch 

Evergreen, S. C. v 1-3, N 1837- Ag 1840// 

ed. J. M. Barnes and C. F. R. Shehane 

Morning watch, a magazine for Sunda ,T school 

teachers and young people see Golden 

Mother's monitor 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1 no 1-6, Ja-Je 

18 69/ 

ed. Mrs. M, M. B. Goodwin 

merged with Ladies Christian monitor and 

Monitor to become Christian monitor, later 

Christian companion 

Mountain call (Christian normal institute) 
Grayson, Ky. v 1, 1930?+ 


Mora he a d , Kj m 

Musical messenger 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-13, 1 1891-1917?/ 


Nashville Bible school see David Lipscomb 

National anti- T *ornon association of church 
of Christ see Helper 

National benevolent association of the 
Christian church see Christian 
philanthropist; NBA family talk 

National Christian news of the churches of 
Christ (churches of Christ") 
Dallas, Tex. v 1 no 1- , 1942- f 
ed. 0. L, Kicks 

Naturalist and journal of natural history, 

agriculture, education and" literature 
Franklin College, Tenn. v 1- , 
1846- // 
ed. Tolbert Fanning and others 

Naturalist; devoted to science, agriculture, 
mechanic arts, education and general 
Franklin College, Term. v 1- , 1850- 


ed, Tolbert Fanning 

merged with Southern agriculturist 

NBA family talk (National benevolent asso- 
ciation of the Christian church) 
St. Louis, ? T o, v 1, Ap 1936+ 
ed. Bess Robbins White; Jessie If. Burke 

Neal's Christian worker 

Louisville, Ky. circa 1887 
ed. R. B. Neal 

was this a revival of Christian worker 


Nebraska Christian 

Bethany He ight s , Neb, 'v 1- , 1889?- 


ed. W, H. Winters 

1889?-1892 as Bethan y Height s star 

superseded by Christian news (Nebraska) 

Nebraska Christian 

Fair bury; Aurora, Neb. v 1, Je 15, 


ed. Mr. and Mrs, F. H. Stephenson 

supersedes Christian reporter and 

Nebraska tidings 

Nebraska £ W B M 

Bethany, Neb. no 1-4, - Jl 30 1909// 
ed. Mrs. C. 3, Willard 

issued as an extra to Christian reporter 
superseded by Nebraska tidings 

Nebraska tidings 

Lincoln, Neb* v 1- , 1914?- 1936// 
ed. Mrs. C. S. Willard; Cora E. Hemry 
superseded by Nebraska Christian 

New Christian loader see Christian ledger 

New Christian quarterly 

St. LouTs, Mo, ~v 1- 5 , Ja 1892-0 1896// 
ed. J. H. Garrison 

supersedes Christian quarterly (Cincinnati) 
superseded by Christian quar terly (Missouri) 

New England evangelist 

Boston, TT ass. ; otc. circa 1880-190? 

New England messenger 

Haverhill; Everett, Mass. v 1- , 

1895?- // 

ed. R. H. Bolton ; J. H. Mohorter; others 


New Mexico Christian 

Ro swell, N. M. v 1- ,1931- // 
ed. A. W. Luce 

New millennial harbinger (churches of Christ) 
[projected "but never published) 
Detroit, Mich. 
ed. C. F. Witty 

News bulletin Illinois Christian missionary 

Bloomington, 111, 1938?+ 
ed, W, H c Walker 

has no numbering scheme 

Non- sectarian 

St„ Louis, Mo. v 1-5, 1891^1895?^ 

ed. R. C. Cave 

North Carolina Christian 

Wilson, N.~ v~l, F 1920+ 
od. C. C. Ware 

North Dakota Christian 

Fargo. N. D. circa 1930 
ed. Irs. P. M. Gooden 

Northern Christian 

Minneapolis,- Minn. v 1, 1902? + 

ed. Edna M, Fellows; Mardella Jackson, 

Vernon Stagner 

through error in numbering v 30, 1932 

advanced to v 39 in 1933 and has continued 

Northern reformer, heretic detector and evangelical 
review see Heretic detector 

Northwest Christian (Oregon) see Pacific 


Northwest Christian (Washington) 

Spokane/ Wash. v 1-6, 15 1925- 

S 15 1931// 

ed. R. C. Jacobs 


Spokane, Wash, v 1-6 no 10, Jfly 

1917-0 1922/ 

ed. R. K. Roadruck 

North-western Christian magazine 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-4, Je 1854- 

Je 1853// 

ed, John Boggs 

superseded by Christian luminary 

North-western Christian proclamation; devoted 
to the interests of Christianity 
Waupun, Wis,; Buchanan, Mich, v 1-3, 
Ap 1865- Je 1869?,/ 
ed.. D. A, Wagner; W. LI, Ro© 
N-D 1865; My 1866; D 1867; Vr Ap 1869 
not issued 

Northwestern Christian university see 
Butler university 

Northwestern evangelist (projected, 1861, 
but never published?) 
Brownsville, Neb. 
ed, J. M. Wood 



Mart el j Richw'ood, 0. v 1- , Ag 1 

1883- 188 11/ 

e d . 1 S omme r 

merged with American Christian review 

to "become Octographic review 

Octographic review see American Christian review 

Ohio counselor 

~" Cleveland, 0. v 1- , 1913?- 1924? // 

ed. Mary A. Lyons; Mrs, A. R. Teachout 
merged with Ohio work 

Ohio missionary quarterly 

Cleveland^" "C~ circa 1899-1901 

Ohio standard 

Cincinnati, 0, circa 1891 

Ohio work 

Cleveland; Wauseon, 0. v 1, 1906?+ 
ed. S. H. Bartlett; H. II. Miller; I. J. 
Cahill; G. M. Cook; others 
1906?- 1912 as Harbinger 

Oklahoma Christian 

Guthrie; Mulhall; Enid, Okla. 
circa 1897-1908 

Oklahoma Christian 

Oklahoma City; Enid, Okla, v 1- , 

1920?- 1931?/ 

ed. J. F. Jones; D. Y. Donaldson; James 

Miller; R. V. Harp 

1920?- as State-service 


Oklahoma Christian 

Oklahoma City, Okla, v 1, 1936+ 
ed. W. A. Merrill 

Oklahoma Christian voice 

Oklahoma City, Okla. v 1- , 1908 


ed. H. A. Gilliam j A. R. Spicer 

suspended 1913 revived 1914 

Old path advocate (churches of Christ) 
Lebanon, Ho. v 1, 19283+ 
ed. H. C. Harper; H. L. King and 
H. A. Gay 
19287-1931 as Trut h 

Old path guide; devoted to the restoration 

and defense of primitive Christianity 
Louisville, Ky. v 1- , Ja 1879- 
1885 // 

ed, P. G. Allen 

merged with Apostolic times to become 
Apostolic guide 

Olive branch 

Sulphur Springs, Tex. v 1, 1874^ 

ed, L. W. Scott 

merged with Southern Christian weekly 

On the Lords day 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 1904// 
ed. J. A. Lord 

Ontario evangelist (Canada) 

Guelph, Canada v 1- , 188 6- // 
cd. T. L. Powler and George 'lunro 


St7 Louis, Mo. v 1- , 1901- // 
ed F. G. Tyrrell 


Optimist (Abilene Christian college) (ohurche: 
of Christ; 
Abilene, Tex. 

Optimist (Christian university) 

Canton, Mo. v 1-5 no 6, N 1911- 
Mr 1916// 

Ordained elder 

Austin, Tex. v l r My 1943+ 

ed. A. L. Deveny 

first three issues My, Je, Jl, unnumbered 

Oregon Christian 

Portla~d7"6~re. v 1, Mr 1941+ 

ed. C. F. Swander 

supersedes State missions bulletin 


Conway, Ark. circa 1880 
ed. a, Alison 

Orphan heights star 

Kinston, N. C. v 1- ,1507- // 
ed. J. 17. Tyndall 

Orphan 1 s appeal 

White Rock, N. C. v 1- , 1903?- // 

Orphan's cry se« Christian philanthropist 

Orthodox preacher 

Cincinnati, 0.; Covington, Ky. v 1- , 


ed. Arthur Crihfield 

Oskaloosa college see Palladium 

Our home field (American Christian missionary 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1900?- 1906?/ 


Our little ones 

Cincinnati, 0. circa 1897-1898 

Our messenger (New York) 

Rochester, N. Y. v 1- , 1903?- 


ed. C. A. Brady; J. P. Sala; F. A. 


Our messenger (New York) 

New York, M. Y. v 1- , 19267-1931?// 
ed. C. S. Van Winkle 

Our messenger (Canada) 

sT."jbhn, N. B. circa 1963-1934 

Our plea 

West Point; Albany, Miss. circa 1899 
ed. H. K, Coleson 

Our seed basket see Gospel lesson leaf 

Our task 

Columbia; Vandalia, Mo, v 1-9 no 8, 

F 6 1918- T *y 20 1926^ 

ed. J. B. YJeldon; J. H. Stidhamj G. L„ 


early issues irregularly numbered 

Our work (Christian church) 

Merom, Ind. v 1- , 1876-1878?/ 
ed. Mrs. D. P. T ""atson 

Our young folks see Front rank 

Ozark call (Ozark Christian college) 

St", Joe, Ark.; etc. v 1- , Ag 1937- 



Ozark call; devoted to the extension of the 
kingdom of God in the Ozarks 
Springfield, Mo. v 1- , Je 1919- // 
special advanced ed Ag 1924; c n s: a . 

v 1- , U 1924- // 
ed. J. H. Jones 

Ozark Christian college see Ozark call 

- 109- 

Pacific Christian 

Portland, Ore.; San Francisco, Calif. 

v 1- , 1891?-1914?// 

ed, D. T. Stanley; A. 0. Garrison; 

F. M. Kirkham; W. B. Berry 

1891?- 1892? as Northwest Christian 

1892?- as Harbinger (Oregon) 

merged with Christian- evangelist 

Pacific Christian (churches of Christ) 

circa 1924 

Pacific Christian herald 
Monmouth, Ore. 
ed. T. F. Campbell 
was this Christian herald (Oregon)? 

Pacific Christian messenger 

Monmouth, Orel ~T^ , 13 70?- // 
ed. T. F. Campbell j D. T\ Stanley 

Pacific church news (California) see 

Pacific gospel horald (California) 

Sanfcir.Clara, CaTlf. v 1- ,1866- 


ed. S. K. Hallam 

supersedes Christian teacher (California) 

Pacific tidings (churches of Christ) 

Santa Rosa, Calif. circa 1912-1914 
ed. E. C. Love? 

Palladium (OskaloOsa college) 
Oskalooaa, la. 

Panther (California Christian college) see 
Panther- °ollegian 


panther-collegian (Chapman college) 

Los Angeles, Calif. V 1- , 192 7?- 


19277-1934? as Panth er 

- as Chapman panther 

Paper and ink (churches of Christ) 

Louisville, Kv, v 1- , Mr 1930- 


ed. D. C. Janes 

Parents' and teachers' monthly; for the 
family., the Sunday school and the 
churcn see r , r ord and the work 

Paris female seminary see Philomusean star 

Park Hill visitor see Home visitor 

Parlor magazine 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1855?- // 
ed. Jethro Jackson 

Pastoral and missionary helper 

She lbyvi lie ,~1 <o*. circa 1882 
ed. Browning and Welch 

Peace maker (Canada) 

Hamilton, Ontario; etc. v 1- , 

1846?- // 

ed. David Oliphant; others 

1346?- 18 64? as Banner of faith 

18657-1366? as Me s sag e o f ~~g o o d will 

1867? as Banner ~f faith 

penn disciple 

before 1399 
ed. I. A. Thayer 


Pennsylvania Chris tian 

Pitts"bur"p7Ta"; circa 1929-1933 
ed % Hi A. Denton 

Pen-sion fund "bulletin 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, Mr 1933+ 
ed. Bert Wilson 

Peoples Bible advocate (churches of Christ) 
Long Beach, Calif 4 
ed. A. M. Morris 

Pettis county Christian 

LaMonte7 Mol circa 1915-1920 

ed. G. M # Walker 


Palestine, Tex. circa 1855 
ed. Carroll Kendrick 

Philliprade ; a quart erly for Phillips 
alumni (Phillips university) 
Enid, Okla. v 1, Ja 1939+ 

Phillips crusader (phillios university) 

EnTd7~0kiaT ' v 1- , N 15 1924- // 

Phillips university see Bulletin of Phil- 
lips university; Philliprade; Phillips 
crusader; Slate 

Philomusean star (Paris female seminary) 
Paris, "HoT~ v 1- , D 135 7- // 

Pictorial home quarterly 

Buffalo", - l^m circa 13 75 
"3d. W. T. Horner 


Pierian (Bacon college) (projected^ 1845, 
but never oublishcd?) 

Harrodsburg, Ky 4 


Nashville, Tenn. circa 1896 
ed, JV A. Hopwood 

Pioneer Christian 

South - MoAlester , I. T. v 1- , 
1900?- // 
ed. J. C. Howell 

Platte female academy see Lily 

Plow and hammer (Alma industrial college) 
Alma, 111"! circa 1897-1399 
ed. W. H* Boles 

Potter messenger (churches of Christ) 
Bowling" Green, Ky. v 1, 1942+ 
ed. J. E. Laird 

Practical Christian (Missouri) 

Brunswick, Mo. v 1- , -1861,/ 
ed. I.. B. Boyle 

Practical Christian (Ohio) 

foTedo7~cT. v 1- , -133 7// 

ed. J. L. McDonald 

subscription list to Christian-evangelist 

Practical Christian (Texas) 

~~ circa 1399 

ed. J. C. Mason 

Preacher's magazine 

"DallasT Tex. " v 1- , 1905- // 
ed. M. F. Harmon 


Primary gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Term. v 1, 1st quarter 1932+ 

Primary graded Bible leaflet 

St.. Louis, Mo] v 1, 1909? + 

Primary lesson paper 

oTnoianati", 0. v 1- ,1889?- // 

Primary quarterly 
St, Louis, Mo. 

Primary quarterly 

NashvilTeTYenn. v 1- ,1895?- // 

Primary quarterly for the teacher 

St. "Toui s, Mo" v~L 1909? + 

Primary teacher (churches of Christ) 

HashvTile, Tenn. v 1, 1st quarter, 

Primitive Christian 

* Vincerines, Ind. circa 1845 
ed. Daniel Cox 

Primitive Christian see Primitive Christian 
and investigator 

Primitive Christian see Christian companion 
"(churches of Christ) 

Primitive Christian and investigator 

Aubur n7 N. Y, v TU , Ap 6 18 35-1838?/ 

ed. S. E. Shepard 

Ap 6 1835-Mr 7 1836 as Primi tive Christian 

Primitive Christianity see Christian 
companion (churches of Christ) 


Primitive gospel herald (churches of Christ) 

circa 1917 

Primitive gospel herald (churches of Christ) 
Cliff "side Park; Jersey City, N. J. 
v 1- , Ja 1933-Ag 1942/ 
ed. A. W. Hastings 
suspended 1935 

Primitive gospel proclaimer (churches of 

circa 1917 

Primitive m issionary and Southern Christian 
Bonham, Tex. v 1- , 1888- // 
ed. W. R. Mc Daniels 

Prism (Lynchburg college) 

Lynchburg, Va 4 v 1- , S 1938- // 

Proclamation and reformer 

Milton," Ind, ; Hygiea, 0. v 1-2, 


ed. Benjamin Franklin 


Washington, D. C. v 1-11 no 7, Mr 

1921-3 1931/ 

ed. G. 0, Nations 

merged into Fellowship forum, later 

Nation's forum 

Protestant unionist 

Pittsburgh, Pa.; Cincinnati, 0. 

v 1- , 1844-1848/ 

ed. Walter Scott and Robert Forrester 

merged into Christian age 

Pulpit diagrams 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1898- // 
ed. Z. T. Sweeney 


Pulpit herald 

"""Allegheny, Pa, circa 1900 

Purchase evangelist 

. circa 191- ? 
superseded by Kentucky evangelist 

Pure testimony (Christian church) 

Boston, Mass. v 1- , 1844- // 
ed. J. W. Holman 

Pure words see Junior life 

Purple and gold (Cincinnati Bible seminary) 
Cincinnati, 0. 


Quarterly bulletin (Wisconsin) see 

TTisconsin monthly 

Quarterly Christian 
Lexington, Ky # 
ed. J. ¥. Zachary 


Radiant (Atlantic Christian college) 
^Tilson, N. C. v 1- , F 1903- 

Randolph college see Broadcast 

Record and evangelist s"ee Evangelist n s 

Redwood Christian 

Calif. circa 1901 
ed. A. Grander* 1 - and A. B. Markle 

Reformer see Western reformer 

Reformer (Minnesota) 

Concord, Minn, circa 1894 

Reformer (Ohio) (projected, 1899, but 
never published?) 
Antioch, 0. 
ed. J. G. M, Luttenberger 

Register-review see Central Christian 

Religious historian 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1-3 no 5, Ja 18 72- 

My 18 74/ 

ed. Tolbert Fanning 

Religious intelligencer 

Georgetown, Ky. circa 183- ? 

Restoration herald 

Cincinnati,. 0. v 1, Ja 1922+ 

ed. J, D. Llurch; Leon Myers; R. E. 


Ja 1922-Ag 1925 as Facts 



Albia", la. circa 1919 

ed. C. C. Crawford 

was this formerly Monroe coun ty 



lew York, N. Y. v 1, 1855/ 
ed. S. E. Shepard 

Rock see Shelton's weekly 

Rocky mountain area bulletin 

Denver, Colo. + 

ed. C. C. Dobbs 
dated but u:M.v.rir-=ro& 

formerly mimeographed 

Rocky mountain Christian 

" Denver, CoToT v~l- , 19257-1929?// 
ed. William Oeschger 

Rocky mountain Christian (churches of Christ) 
Denver, Colo. + 

ed. C. E. Fritts 

Rocky ffiunnta in rebuilder see Christian 
excellent strata 

Rod and staff 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1 no 1-12, Ja-D 1912// 
ed. S. S. Lappin 

Round table see Boys comrade 

Russian Christian herald 

New York, N. T. tf 1- ,1916- / 

ed. John Johnson 

was name changed to Russian herald? 


Saddle 2j^Ss; °r the mountain evangelist 

("projected, 1902, but never published?) 
Grayson, Ky. 
ed. R. B. Neal 

Scandanavian American messenger see 

International Christian messenger 

Scholar's quarterly 

St. Louis, Mo. v 1- , 1386?- / 
ed. W. W, Dowling 

School of the evangelists see Johnson 
Bible college 

Scroll (Campbell institute) 

Chicago, 111. v 1, 1903+ 

ed. E. S. Ames 

1903-1906 as Campbell institute bulletin 

1906- as Scroll 

1910- N 1918 as Campbell inst itute bulletin 

N 25 1926-D 2 1933 published as a column 

in Christian , a journal of progressive 


Scroll (Texas) 

Electra, Tex. v 1- , 1926-1928// 
ed. C. C. Klingman 


Worcester, Mass. circa 1901-1903 

Seer (College of the Bible) 
Lexington, Ky. 

Senior gospel quarterly (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Term. v 1, 1893?+ 

75th anniversary celebration news bulletin see 
College of the Bible bulletin 


Shane quarterly (Butler university) 

Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, Ja 1940+ 
ed. F. D. Kershner 

Shelton's weekly 

Areola, 111. v 1- , 18 73?- / 
ed. T. J. Shelton 
as Rock 

Showers of blessings; a weekly publication 
in loyalty to Christ 
Denver, Colo. v 1, F 1942?+ 
ed. W. L. Blessing 


Danville, 111. v 1- , S 1873- // 
ed. W. R. Jewell 

Signs of the times (projected, 1832, but 
never published?) 
Rockville, Ind, 
ed. S. M. M'Corkle 

Silent worker (churches of Christ) 

circa 1932 
ed. C . W. Latimer 

Skeeter (Harding college) (churches of Christ) 

circa 1923 

Skiff (Texas Christian university) 
Ft. Worth, Tex. v 1^ 1901?+ 

Slate (Phillips university) 
"Enid, Okla. 

Smasher's mail 

ed. C. A. Nation 


Social action news letter 

"Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, D 1 1937+ 
ed. J. A. Crain 

first no carried date only; 1938 issues 
were not marked v 1, but are so con- 

Social circle see Highway- 
Social trends (Board of temperance and 
social welfare) 

Indianapolis, Ind, v 1-5 no 2, 

F 1928-Spring 1932/ 

ed. A. W. Taylor 

Something doing 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , My 16 1917- // 
ed. J. D. Murch 

Sound doctrine (churches of Christ) 

Montgomery, Ala, + 

ed. Leonard Johnson and Rex Turner 

Sound words (churches of Christ) 
Canyon; Houston, Tex. v 1, 
Ja 1932+ 
ed. John O'Dowd 
irregularly issued first two years 

South C arolina Christian 

Greenwood, Ellenton, S. C; etc. 

v 1- , 1913-1939?// 

ed. C. C. Ware; C. F. Outlaw; others 

South Dakota Christian 

Aberdeen; Sioux Falls, S. D. circa •' 


ed. W. F. Kohl;. W. N. Armstrong; others 


South Idaho Christian 

Rupert j Twin-Falls, Ida. circa 

ed. D. W, Nutting; M. C. Cronenburger 
- as South Idaho disciple 

South Idaho disciple 

Caldwell; Twin Falls, Ida, 

circa 1914-1918 

ed. C. A. Sias; W. E. Harman 

South Kentucky evangelist 

Elkton, "Ky" ciroa 1895-1903 

was this later changed to South Kentucky 

Southern Christian 

Atlanta, Ga."~~ V 1- ,1892- // 
ed, C. P. Williamson 

Southern Christian courier 

West Point; Jackson, Miss.; etc. v 1, 
Je 1913+ 

ed. J. E. Spiegel; F. K. Dunn; G. M. 
Peary 5 others 

Southern Christian weekly; devoted to primi- 
tive Christianity, literature, and 
general Intelligence 

Mountain Home, Ala. v 1- , 1872- 


ed. J. M. Pickens 

supersedes Christian monthly 

Southern evangelist 

Atlanta," GeTI v 1- , Ja 18 73- // 

ed. J. M. Harris 


Southern evangelist 

Atlanta, Ga~7~ v 1- ,1898?- // 

ed, M. F. Harmon; A. E. Siddon; E. L. 


Macon, Ga. 

ed. R. W. Simpson 

Southwest Christian 

"lleosho^" Mo. circa 1902 
ed. A. L. McQuary 


Pittsburgh, Pa. v 1, 1354// 
ed. Ti. W. Eaton 

merged with Christian age to become 
Christian age and sower 

Sower (churches of Christ) 

circa 1931 
ed. C. II. tfeal? 

Spirit and life; a Christian magazine 
(Chri stian church) 
Yellow Springs, 0. t 1-2, 1890- 
ed. G. D. Black; others 

Spirit and truth (churches of Christ) 
Duggar, Ind. 
ed. J. R. Clark 

Spokane university see Conifer; Exponent; 
Kosmos; Spokane univer sity bulletin 

Spokane university bulletin (Spokane uni- 
Spokane, Wash. v 1- , S 15 1916- 
Je 1933? / 


Spotlight see Touchstone 

Spotlight (churches of Christ) 

Austin, Tex. v 1, Ja 1928+ 
ed. W e D. Bills; F. L. Cox 

Stampede (Milligan college) 
Milligan College, Tenn. 

Standard Bible class 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 18 76?+ 

as Standard Bible lesso ns 
- as Standard Bible lesson 

Standard Bible lesson quarterly see 
Standard Bible class 

Standard Bible lessons see Standard 
Bible class 

Standard Bib] e lessons see also 
Teachers 1 mentor 

Standard Bible teacher 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 1899?+ 

Standard Christian endeavor quarterly 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1, 1st quarter 1924+ 
ed. J. D. March 

Standard home department quarterly 

Cincinnati^ 0„ v 1, 1st quarter 1907+ 
1st quarter 1907- as Home department 
quarterly (Ohio) 

Standard junior lesson leaf quarterly 
Cincinnati, 0. 


Standard junior lesson leaf weekly 
Cincinnati, "0, 

Standard lesson leaf quarterly 
Cincinnati, 0. 

Standard lesson leaf weekly 
Cincinnati, 0. 

Star in the East (Christian church) 

HaverEili,' Mass. v 1- ,1845- / 
ed. H. P. Guilford 

Star of the East 

Harrisburg, Pa. v 1- , 1900?- // 
ed. H. F. Lutz 

State missionary 

Tenru ^1-2 no 1, D 1902- Ja 1904/ 
superseded "by Tennessee Christian 

State missions bulletin 

Portland, Ore. 1919-1941/ 

ed. C. F. Swander 

not numbered by volumes 

State normal school messenger 

Peru, Ueb^ vT , 1898- // 
ed. J. A. Beattie 

State ser vice (Oklahoma) see Oklahoma 


Chicago, 111; St. Louis, Mo. <7 1, 


ed. B. W. Johnson; W. W. Dowling 

1879-My 13 1923 as Little oiigs 


Student (Add- Ran college) 

Thorp Spring, Tex. v 1- , -1884// 
merged with Christian preachor (Texas) 

Stylus (Bethany college) 

Bethany, Va. v 1- , D? 1851- / 


Canton, Pa. circa 1900 
ad. L. 0. NewconDr 

Sunday school evangelist see Junior world 

Sunday school gem s^o Junior world 

Sunday school gem (projected, 1859, but never 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
ed. James Challen 
to supersede Challen' s illustrated monthly 

Sunday sc hool herald (Christian church) 

v 1- , 1865- / 
ed. H. Y. Rush 

Sunday school journal 

Cincinnati, 0. circa 1853 
ed. D. S. Burnett; W. W. Eaton 

Sunday school magazine 

Cedar Rapids, la. circa 1894 
od. E. M. Scfton 

Sunday school standard 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , Ja 13 76-1884?/ 
merged with Pure words 

Sunny sides 

"StTTouis, Mo. v 1- , 18 7?- // 

ed. J 6 H. Hardin; W 4 W. Oowling 
supersedes Little watchman 

1 7 

Sunshine magazi ne 

Litchfield, -111. v l/ 1925?+ 

ed. Henrichs 

Superintendents almanac 
Cincinnati. 0. 

superseded by Bible school workers 

Sword of Lab an 

Morehead; Pikeville; Grayson, Ky. 
v 1-3, Ag 1908- D 1911; a a ▼. 1- , 
Ja 1912- / 
ed. R. B. Neal 


Tablet (Transylvania college) 
Lexington, Ky. 

Teacher's manual see Gospel teachers manual 

Teacher's mentor; a monthly devoted to the 
interests of the Sunday school 
Cincinnati, 0. v 1- , 1875-1884// 
ed. Isaac Errett and F. M, Green 
included Standard Bible lessons 
merged with Word and the work to become 
Bible school 

Teachers quarterly see Bethany Bible 

Teacher's quarterly (churches of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn. V 1, 1st quarter 1928+ 
ed. H. L. Calhoun 

Tennessee Christian 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1, Mr 1904+ 
ed. W. P. Harman; others 
supersedes State missionary 

Tennessee Christian register (projected, 
1329, but never published?) 
Nashville, Tenn. 
ed. G. R. Fall 

Tennessee missionary 

Tenn. v 1-3?, 1895-139??// 

Texas Christian 

Mc Kinney, Tey. v 1- , 1875- // 
ed, J. R. Wilmeth and C. M, Wilmeth 

Texas Christian 

Thorn Springs, Tex. 
ed. Addison Clark 


Texas Christian university see Brite college 
of the Bibl e caller ; Skiff ; Texa s" Chris- 
tian university bulletin; Texas Christian 
university quarterly; Texas Christian 
university interpreter 

Texas Christian university bulletin (Texas 
Christian university") 
Fort Worth, Tex. v 1, 1903?+ 

Texas Christian university interpreter 
(Texas Christian university) 
Fort Yforth, Tex. v 1- , N 1926- //■ 

Texas Chris tian university quarte rly ; a 

journal devoted to science and the 
humanities (Texas Christian uni- 
Fort Worth, Tex. ? 1 no 1-4, Ap 
1924-Ja 1925/ 

Texas missions 

v 1- , 1905?-1907?/ 
ed. J. C. Mason 

Texas tidings 

Fort Worth, Tex. v 1- , 1909- // 

Things new and old 

Lexington~,~~Ky. v 1- , 1883- // 

ed. J. W. Cox 

Thought food 

cTaude," Tex, circa 1924 
ed. C. G. Kelley 

Tibetan (Canada) 

Toronto v 1- ,1894- // 
ed. C. T. Paul 


Tibetan Ch ristian 

Los~~Angeles~ Calif. • v 1- , 25 

1933- ff 

ed. V. M. Newland 

Tidings of joy (churches of Christ) 

Na"slwiTIe, Term. v 1- , 1915?- fj 
ed. C. E. W. Dorris 


Columbus, Miss. circa 1831 
ed. Gay Waters 

Tipton orphans hone mes senger (churches of 
Christ)'" * 
Tipton, Okla. + 

ed. R. E. Chitwood 

Touchst one ; an eight page monthly set against 
the evils which disturb the peace of 
the brotherhood 

Cincinnati, 0. v 1-2 no 5, S 1925- 

Ja 192 7/ 

S 1925 as Spotlig ht 

Town's monthly 

"""Ravenna, 0. eirea 1904 

Tract quarterly 

Richwood7"0. v 1- ,1889- ff 
ed» Daniel Sommer 

Transylvania college see Crimson rambler; 

Tablet; Transylvania coTTege" bulletin; 

Transylvania college quarterly "bulletin ; 

Transylvania college studies in English; 
Trans ylvanian 

Transvlvania college bulletin (Transyl- 
vania college) 
Lexington, Ky. v 1, 1928?+ 


Transylvania college quarterly bulletin 
(Transylvania college) 
Lexington, Ky. v 1- , 1908?- // 

Transylvania college studies in English 
(Transylvania college) 
Lexington, Ky. v 1-2, 1910-1911// 

Transylvanian (Transylvania college) 
Lexington, Ky. 

Tri-city Christian visitor 

Davenport, la.? circa 1891 

ed. T. W. Grafton and J. F. Ghomlev 

Tri- state news "bulletin 

DenveF, Colo, // 

ed. C. C. Dobbs and Mrs. H. R. Rowland 

as Tri- state news letter 
dated but ui^ui^rf^ 

True protestant 

" Chicago, 111. circa 1892 
ed, p. a. Sequin 

Truth (California) 

San Francisco; Sacramento; Oakland, 
Calif. v 1- , S 1881-18^2/ 
ed. E. B. Ware; J. C. Keith; J. H. 
McCollough; G. W. Sweeney 
1881-1883 as Pacific church news 
1833-1887? a s ^hrTsTian" church new s 
1888?- 1891? as Christian independent 
merged with Christian standard 

Truth (churches of Christ) 

Memphis, Tenn. ; Austin; V'ichita Falls, 

Tex. v 1, Ja 1935+ 

ed. A. H. Pinegar; J. D. Phillios 


Truth (churches of Christ) soe Old path 
advocate (churches of Christ^ 

Truth advance 

New Orleans, La.; Louisville, Ky. 

v 1, Je 1939+ 

ed. Stanford Chambers 

Truth in love (churches of Christ) 

Birmingham, Ala. circa 1940+ 
ed. J. D. Cox and others 

Truth seeker (iowa) see Hornet 

Truth seeker (churches of Christ) 

Searcy, Ark. v 1- , 1935?- // 

Twentieth century 

Oakland, Calif. circa 1900-1903 

20th century Christian; Mew Testament Chris- 
tianitv in the present age (churches 
of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn. ; etc. v 1, 1937+ 

ed. J. P. Sanders 

20th century quarterly 

Chicago, 111. v 1 , 1913+ 
ed. T. C. Clark 

Two mites 

" Highland Home, Ala. circa 1902 


Uncle Sam 

Maris set, 111. circa 1905-1907 
ed. W. H, Boles 

Unified informar 

Los Angeles, Calif. v 1-5, 1935-1939/ 
ed. H. K. McGowan; C. A. Cole 

Unified informer 

Lo"s Angeles, Calif. v 1, S 1939+ 

ed. C. A. Cole 

\t 1 no 1 numbered v 5 no 3 

Unified promotion s«e Message to ministers 

Union Christian intelligencer see 
Christian intelligencer 

Union Christian star (Christian church) 


Henderson, N. C. circa 1908-1909 
ed. J. A. Henderson 

Union literary magazine (christian university) 
Canton, Mo~ TT-6, N 1868-My 1874?^ 

Unionapolis news 

New Sharon, la. v 1- , 1940- // 
ed. B. W. Sinderson 

United Christian missionary society see 

Missi onary organizations bulletin ; Mis- 
sionary quarterly; United society news; 
Tibrld call 


United moral front ; a journal of faith, 

fraternity, citizenshin and culture 
Seattle, Wash. v 1- , Mr 1939- / 
ed. E. C. Nance 

United society news (United Christian 
missionary society) 
St. Louis, Mo. v 1 no 1-10, N 3 
1925-Je 23 1926/ 
ed. M. W. Williams 

Unity quarterly see Christian unity quarterly 

Universal philanthropist and beacon of truth 

(projected, 1839, but never published?) 
M'Lemoresville, Tenn. 
ed. C. J, N. Whittlesey and J. H. Carlen 

University review (Garfield university) 
Wichita, Kans. circa 188 7 

University review (Northwestern Christian 
Indianapolis, Ind. circa 1871 

Upner room bulletin; published in the interest 
of the Ann Arbor Bible chair classes 
Ann Arbor, Mich. v 1- , 1914- // 
ed. T. M. Iden 


Valley record 

Tuscumbia, Mo. circa 1889-1900 
ed. J. P. Wright; W. M, Barr 
-1896 as Eye opener 

Values; a journal of Christian higher edu- 
cation (Board of higher education) 
Indianapolis, Ind. v 1, Mr 1943+ 
ed. J. L. Davis 

Vest pocket quarterly see Bethany pocket 

Vest pocket series Christian tracts 

Cincinnati,"!)". v 1- , Ag 1899- // 

Vindicator (churches of Christ) 

Fort Worth, Tex. v 1, Je 1 1934+ 
ed. S. C. Fuqua 

Virginia Christian college see Lynchburg 

Virginia evangelist 

Tazewell, Va. v 1- , 1896- // 
ed. J. N. Barman; M. S. Kitchen 

Virginia evangelist 

Salem, Va. v 1- , 1939- // 
ed. P. V. Scott 

Virginia missionary see Missionary weekly 

Visitor see Christian tribune 


ed. Eugene Snodgrass? 



Cortland, Nob. circa 1904 

Walker T s gospel messenger 

«d. C. C. Walker 

Walsh T s Biblical quarterly 

lew Bern, N. C. v 1- , 3 18 71- // 

ed. J. T. Walsh 


New Bern, Robersonville, N. C. j etc. 

v 1-55, 18 72-Je 20 192 7/ 

ed. J s T. Tfalshj W. H. Mizzelle; others 

various publishers and editors with 

much irregular numbering 

suspended several tires but numbering 

from 1914-1927 based upon a volume a year 

from 18 72 

merged with Christian companion Jl 1905 

to form Christian weekly, but another 

publisher continued with the original name 

Way (Colorado) 

" Denver, Colo. v 1- , 1899- // 
ed. B. 0. Aylesworth 

Way (Kentucky) 

Nashville, Tenn. ; Bowling Green, Ky. 

v 1-5, Ja 26.1399~D.<10 1903/ 

ed. J. A. Harding 

merged with Christian leader to become 

Christian leader and the way 

Way (North Carolina) 

" Engelhard, N. C. v 1- , N 192 7- / 
ed. V. L. Parker 

-13 7- 

Way (churches of Christ) 

Houston, Tex- C t 1 no 1, F 12 1939/ 
ed. R. K. Roberts 

Way of truth (churches of Christ) 
McLean, Tex. circa 1925 
ed. A. C. Huff 

Wayne county pilot 

Huntington, W, Va. v 1- , Ja 1920- 


ed. J. R. Glenn 

Weekly "bulletin (Kentucky) see Kentucky 

Weekly witness 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
ed. Elijah Goodwin 

West Coast Christian (churches of Christ) 
Los Angeles. Calif, v 1, 193 7?+ 

ed. J. L. Lovell 

West Virginia Christian 

Cameron; Huntington, W. Va. v 1- , 
1900?- 1914?// 

ed. 0. G. White;" J. R. Glenn; others 
superseded by West Virginia worker 

West Virginia worker 

Parkersburg; Charleston, W. Va. ; etc. 
v 1, 1915?+ 

ed. 0. G. White; J. R. Clark; R. E. Val- 
entine; others 
supersedes West Virginia Christian 


Western Colorado Christian 
Montrose, Co-lo 
ed. E c E. Scates 

Western disciple 

DeSoto, Mo. circa 1897-1898 

Western educator (projected, 1856, but 
never published?) 
Danville, Ind. 
ed. J. R. Woodfill and W. H. H. Lewis 

Western evangelist see Evangelist 

Western evangelist (California) see 
Christian teacher (California) 

Western gen and musician 
"~ ~Hb. Eea It hy~ , ~~ circa 1852 

ed. H, Durham and A. D. Fillmore 

Western preacher 

Tuscumbia* St. James, Mo.; etc. 

v 1- , 188 7?- / 

ed. J. P. Wright; H. Drennan 

Testern reformer 

New Paris, 0; Centerville; Milton, Ind. 

v 1-7, 1843-1849/ 

ed. D. Winder; Benjamin Franklin 

- as Xenia reformer? 
Ja 1845- as Reformer 

Western spectator 

Fillmore, Mo. v 1- , 1859?- / 
ed. J. W. Cox 

Western work 

I&nn. v 1- , 1895- // 
ed. J. D. Houston 


Wilford's microcosm see Microcosm 

William Woods college see Echoes from 
the woods ; Green owl 

Wisconsin Christian 

Richland Center, Wis. v 1- , 1897- 


ed. Henry Goodacre 

Wisconsin Christian monthly 

Footville; Janesville; Milwaukee, Wis. 

v 1- , 1907-193?// 

ed. C. L. Hilton; John Christonherson; 


N 1908- S 1909 as Bible scho ol mo nthly 

1909- as Wisconsin news and 

Bible school monthly 

Wisconsin monthly 

La Crosse; Milwaukee, Wis. v 1, 1935'?+ 
ed. E. W. Schultenhelm 
1935?-1938? as Quarterly bulletin ? 

Wisconsin news and Bible school monthly 
see Wisconsin Christian monthly 


Fa^etteville, Ark.; Topeka, Kans. ; Kansas 

City, Wo. v 1-10 no 4, 1879- Ja 26 


ed. J. D. Floyd and J. M. Shepherd; J. H. 


1879-1886? as Faithful witness 

merged with Christian- evangelist 

Witness (churches of Christ) 

circa 1906 


Witness of truth (Canada) 

Picton~Canada v i_ p 1846?- // 

ed. David Oliphant 

Wolf mountain evangelist 

Talihina, Okla^ v 1- , // 

ed, a. B. McReynolds 
v 1 no 1 had no date 

Word and the work 

v 1-6, Ja 1879-1881// 
ed. C. C. Cline 

18 79-1880 as Parents and teacher 1 s monthly 
merged with Teacher's mentor to become 
Bible school 

Word and workj a monthly magazine set to 
declare the whole counsel of God 
(churches of Christ) 
Louisville, Ky. v 1, 1904?+ 
ed. R. H. Boll 
19047-1915? as Christian word and work 

Word of truth (churches of Christ) 

circa 1910 


Centerville, Ky. circa 1892-1903 

Workers for Christ news 

Minneapolis, Minn. J Indianapolis, Ind. 
circa 1930+ 
ed. Floyd Jones 

World call (United Christian missionary 
Indianapolis,. Ind.;, St.. Louis, Mo., 
v 1, J& 1919+ 

ed. W. R. Warren,. G-. W. Buckner, jr.; 


supersedes American home missionary; 
Business in Christianity; Christian 
philanthropist; Missionary intelligencer; 
and Missionary tidings 

World evangel 

Eugene, Ore, v 1- , Ja 1909- // 
ed, Harry Benton 

Ja 1909-D 1914 as Church and school 
Ja 1916- 1925 as Christian journal 

World vision (churches of Christ) 

Nashville, Tenn. v 1, 1934?+ 
ed. R. B. Sweet; C. R. Brewer 


Yokefellow; a magazine of Christian service 
Kans # .. circa 1913 
ed. R. 71. G- entry 

Young disciple 

Cincinnati, 0, 

You?ig evangelist see Junior world 

Young ladies friend 

Buffalo, M. Y. v 1- , Mr 1866- // 
ed. W. T. Horner 

Young people, a weekly paper for boys and 
girls (churches of Christ) 
Nashville, Tenn. v 1- , 1913?- // 

Young peoples quarterly 

11a s hvTiTe", ~T e nn~ vl, 1395?+ 
ed. F. W. Smith; ©thers 

Young peoples standard see Lookout, 
magazine of Christian education 

Young peoples worker (Christian church) 
Richmond, Va„ 

Young teacher's friend (Kentucky female orphan 
Midway, Ky. v 1-3, D 1880-0- N 1383/ 
ed. S. P. Lucy 

Youths advocate 

LushViTlV, Tenn. circa 1890-1397 

Youth's conference call 

St."! LoTTiVTlIo. v 1-9, 1924-1933// 

Youths guide and star (Christian church) 
Eastport~"Me"!] v 1 no 1- , 1843/ 

ed. S. N. Harris 


Youths 1 quarterly 

St /"Louis, Mo, v 1- , 1886?- // 


Zion light (Christian church) 
ed. L. C. Madison